Thursday, November 15, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 17

  • Eunki announces to the board about her condition and that she is trusting Maru with everything
  • she then confronts Secretary Hyun about her returning memories and then asks about what her father had said to Secretary Hyun before his death
  • Maru then gives Eunki her gifts and when he kisses her, she opens her eyes but Maru does not notice this (DEJAVU GUYS!)
  • Jaehee visits Maru's old house and says to a neighbor there that she will wait for Maru till he comes back (like waiting for him to return to her)
  • Maru finds out that Eunki's memories have returned but pretends not to know
  • Eunki pretends to be excited about her upcoming wedding with Maru and Maru knows that she's pretending
  • Eunki tells Secretary Hyun that she won't go along with the wedding but she is just pretending to
  • Eunki asks Jaehee to go shopping with her and Jaehee reluctantly agrees
  • Jaehee then tells Maru that both him and Eunki are torturing her with the wedding
  • Jaegil visited his father grave and says that he is willing to forgive him as long as he saves Maru for him
  • Maru does a presentation and when praised he admits that they are Eunki's work
  • Jaehee ambushes him in his office asking is it jusst Eunki who matters
  • Jaehee then admits that she will let MAru marries Eunki just to have him around and Eunki overhears this
  • Eunki then goes out with Joonha without greeting both of them
  • on the wedding day, everyone is ready but Maru is nowhere to be found
  • scandal about Jaehee and Maru's previous relationship leaks out and the wedding is cancelled
  • the scandal was leaked by Eunki
  • after everyone has left, Maru shows up and Eunki asks him where he has been
  • They talk in a car and Maru says "I know everything, Eun Gi, that your memories are back. And you remember what kind of man I am.”

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