Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Hectic Life

Okay, my life has been quite crazy lately. Very crazy indeed. I don't have much time to update my blog because I was so freaking busy with studying for my exam. I really don't wanna screw up my opportunity to enter a decent uni~

But that's not what I wanna share with you guys today~ I wanna share something ridiculous!


yeah, you heard me right, I have a crush on my teachers!

my first victim is my Maths teacher. He's young, around 25 I guess and he's pretty cute. Lots of girls seem to have a crush on him too. He seems cute to me and sometimes he's quite nice to me lol I like him because he's so passionate with teaching. The crazy part is, sometimes I study harder just because I don't wanna disappoint him with a terrible grade lol

my next  unfortunate victim is a teacher which i barely know. He's chinese. And he's darn cute too. But I bet he is married, I saw a ring on one of his fingers. I like him because he said I'm a bright girl lol

my next crush is the latest one, my econ teacher lol He's handsome, cute, hot and stuff! lol you'd fall in love with him too if you were me. I talked to him a lot recently about econ stuff. And the surprising thing was, he gave me his number when I asked him when he will be free to discuss bout my schoolwork so that I could text him! It may sound 'normal' to you but believe me, it's not for me! I don't even have any female teacher's number on my phone lol I'm not sure whether I'll text him or what lol

I'll update this soon~ xoxo

Update on 29/04/2016: Lol, I can't believe I actually posted this thing four years ago! Anyway, I moved on. I am now happy to be single and enjoying my life to the fullest without clouding my thoughts with the opposite gender :)

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