Friday, September 21, 2012

Recap: The Princess' Man Episode 2


Lol I am so sorry for taking forever to post this episode’s recap…

The main reason why this tiny post was delayed is that this recapping project is just something to fill and waste my precious time, so no pressure to finish it lol

Other than that, I have been so freaking busy with exams since my brain pretty much need to scan all my reference books to pass every subject (which seems pretty impossible now that I have screwed lots of them lol)… now let’s move to the second episode of the princess’ man (cause you obviously don’t come here to hear all the craps bout me, right? lol)


Kim Seung Yoo rides his horse dashing after Seryung. Seryung starts to lose control over her horse and is startled when her horse nears a sharp edge. Seung Yoo knows that she is in danger so he quickly nears Seryung’s horse and jump on it. Once he gets on the horse, he grabs Seryung’s waist. Seryung is shocked by his action but he swiftly thrusts both of them down from the horse right before the horse reaches the cliff.

Cut to King Munjong who is in the Council Hall. He announces that he wants to appoint Kim Seung Yoo as the royal son in law (aka as the consort prince). Everyone in the hall disagrees with this. Both Kim Jong Seo and Prince Suyang is dazed by this. Eun Geum runs to Princess Kyung-hye’s quarters puzzling her. Princess Kyung-hye asks her why she is panicking and she quickly informs her that King Munjong has chosen Seung Yoo as the royal son in law. Princess Kyung-hye seems to be shocked by the news.

Meanwhile, both Seung Yoo and Seryung land on the ground in a kind of rolling condition. Seryung stands up and watches the cliff but Seung Yoo quickly pulls her away from the view. Seung Yoo nags her.

Seung Yoo: Do you realize what you just risked? Were you blessed with more than one life? How can a woman be so heedless?
Seryung answers all his questions with a silence.

Back to the Council Hall. Prince Onnyeong (Prince Suyang’s guy) voices his protest on the king’s decision by asking the king to repeal the order.  

Prince Onnyeong: How can you appoint a Royal son-in-law without any due process? This is a clear affront against our long-standing customs.King Munjong: So personally choosing my own son-in-law would be an affront?!Kwon Ram: Your humble servant Kwon Ram dares to speak. Will you appoint someone whose credentials haven't been deliberated upon?

King Munjong: Are you suggesting that the son of Councilor Kim would lack credentials?
Prince Suyang: Your humble servant shall speak on behalf of all royals. If you believe Kim Seung Yoo to be the most suitable candidate, how could these subjects defy Your Majesty's wishes? And if I may say so... Like his father, Kim Seung Yoo is a man of remarkable wisdom and disposition, so I believe he would be more than qualified to become Royal son-in-law. But pleas suggesting we should abide by our mores are just as legitimate, so as a formality, let us follow protocol and appoint Kim Seung Yoo after a selection. Being put in charge of the proceedings would be a true privilege for me, Sire. (nicely played, you evil man!)

King Munjong: You should indeed lead the selection process. (no!!!!!!! are you dumb or what? He clearly has something evil that he is planning on!)

Kim Jong Seo meets Prince Suyang outside the Council Hall. Prince Suyang sarcastically congratulates him on being in laws with the king and says that he now gets Kim Jong Seo’s answer. Kim Jong Seo is left speechless by this and Prince Suyang leaves without waiting for his reply. (OMG, this is creepy!).

Cut to Seung Yoo and Seryung. Seung Yoo holds Seryung’s horse while Seryung checks on her torn hanbok.. 

He continues his (never ending) nag.  (I love him, she really needs someone to advise her on how dangerous her action was!)

Seung Yoo: Could you be more brazen?!  Let us forget the fact that you're actually a princess, but what judicious damsel would frolic about impudently riding a horse?
Seryung: Did I just hear "impudently"?Seung Yoo: I ought to reproach all the palace guards and attendants responsible for this.Seryung: You're the one who deserves reproach. For daring to address a princess with such insolent remarks.

Seung Yoo: What?! (he’s so cute when he’s shocked by her lol)Seryung: But I guess if you'd like to avoid trouble, just ignore this whole matter. (it is not a wonder that she’s good with words, just look at her father…)

Seung Yoo: I am truly overwhelmed by the urge to do so, but how can I renege on my duties as your teacher? (just be honest that you just want to spend some time with her :D)Seung Yoo then asks her to get on the horse but she shocks him by asking him to lend his back to her.

Seryung: It wouldn't hurt your pride now, would it? Are you telling me you're brazen enough to defy a princess over petty pride?
He is mad at the request but then reluctantly gets on his knees next to the horse (because you know, she’s a princess!). she steps on his back as he cringes at her weight. All she cares to say is the word “sorry” (well she is more polite than Princess Kyung-hye, right?)

Seung Yoo walks while Seryung sits on the horse. He wonders why Seryung cares about making an effort to get on a horse when she is so daunted by it.
Seryung: How could men comprehend a woman's heart?!Seung Yoo: If that man happened to be your teacher, would it not be feasible?Seryung: Is it true? That riding in such vast spaces liberates your mind?Seung Yoo: Only if you ride fast enough to feel the wind.Seryung: No matter how daunting, I'd like to feel that. Women are plagued by solitude after marriage, unable to walk past their gates. So I should make precious memories to help me endure all that. (the way she says it makes me feel sad…)

Seung Yoo takes her words to heart (just like me lol).

Meanwhile, in the palace, Princess Kyung-hye tries to meet her father (maybe because she is curious of her father’s announcement earlier) but is told that he is having a discussion with Councilor Kim Jong Seo.

Cut to King Munjong’s room, he is having a conversation with Kim Jong Seo.
King Munjong: I see no better candidate.
Kim Jong Seo: Imprudent as he might be, he shall be of great service to Your Majesty.King Munjong:  Not to me, but to the crown prince.Kim Jong Seo: That will certainly be the case.

Cut back to Seung Yoo and Seryung. They arrives at a gibang and Seryung asks him what kind of place is it (they are in front of the gibang’s gate). Seung Yoo comments that Seryung cannot enter the palace dressed like that (lol it is not like she is going to go back to the palace after this). he says that they are there because they will have to borrow some garments for her (from the women there? I am starting to doubt his credibility as a teacher…). Seryung is doubtful of this.
Seung Yoo: aren’t you getting off?

Seryung reluctantly follows him inside. A few gisaengs greet Seung Yoo as “master” and continue with asking why he did not visit them last night (it seems like he religiously visits the gibang, lol way to play with Seryung’s mind since she considers him as a playboy). He ignores them and asks for some clean garments. They ask him why he needs the garments. But then they divert their eyes to Seryung who awkwardly stands there.
“And pray tell, who would this homely-looking damsel be?”“Such unworldly charms... I wonder what waters she trod on her way here.”Seung Yoo: Ohh Ohh...“But look at his garments.”“My! Don't tell me you've trodden the same waters?”“You two!”*lol those gisaengs have dirty minds*
Seung Yoo: She's not someone you can so flippantly ridicule. Escort her inside.
A gisaeng directs Seryung to a room. there, she observes Seung Yoo from the window as he talks to the gisaengs. She assumes that he is really a playboy after all. suddenly, a customer comes in. he drunkenly asks her to give him a hug. Seryung seems to be pretty scared by the situation. She tells him that he is mistaken but the guy gets mad and asks her to just come to him. but thank God, a gisaeng comes to her rescue and manages to get the drunk man out of the room. Seryung seems to be badly shaken by the event.

 Meanwhile, Seung Yoo is busy with choosing the perfect garments for Seryung. She sighs when she sees that all the garments are…transparent (lol).
Seung Yoo: Is this what you call decent garments? (lol have you forgotten who you’re talking to right now?)
He chooses the least transparent one for Seryung. he brings the garments to her room and is surprised that she is not there. But as he is about to leave, he catches a glimpse of her skirt and notices that she is asleep at a corner in the room. he watches her face and leans closer to inspect it. 

He smiles. (so pretty, guess who’s madly in love right now..). as he decides to leave the garments next to her, he accidentally sees her bruised ankle which seems to be worse than before.

A few moments later Seryung wakes up to find that she is alone in the room (not that she knows he was there moments before or what lol).

 She feels something on her bruised ankle and is surprised to find that her ankle is bandaged with some herbs on it. (no need to guess who puts it there). 

She reluctantly changes her garments to the chosen transparent garments. She tries to get out of the gibang quickly without informing Seung Yoo first but Seung Yoo manages to catch her rushing out.
Seung Yoo: Where are you going, Your Highness?Seryung: Where is the horse?Seung Yoo: It looked too fatigued, so I prepared a carriage instead.
Seryung comments on his choice of garments saying that it is too salacious for a ‘princess like her.Seryung: Find me something more befitting.Seung Yoo: Befitting?! It wouldn't seem what someone who bares her calves even in her sleep should say... (lol wrong point there, she was asleep cause she was tired!) The palace will be in tumult as we speak. May you hasten.
Realizing that she has to escape before he sends her to the palace, she makes an excuse to get Seung Yoo away from her carriage. She uses the excuse of she left her trinket inside and that it is so precious that Seung Yoo will have to recover it himself. (did I mention that I love that she is so smart? lol). 

A gisaeng overhears their conversation and wonders why he is calling her “Your Highness” (I hope this doesn’t indicate that a trouble is going to arise soon, but I guess this show will disappoint me sooner or later on this *anxious*) 

Seung Yoo recovers the trinket (accessory) and returns to the carriage to find it empty. Seung Yoo wonders where did she go. And from a hidden corner, Seryung smiles at the sight of confused Seung Yoo and heads home.

That night Seung Yoo goes to the palace. The guards on duty wonder why he is there at the late hour. He jokingly says that he is checking on them, just to make sure that they are doing their work well (lol acting like he is a freaking boss there). He is then let into the gate after giving an excuse of forgetting his books in his office. Seung Yoo heads to the princess’ quarters and meets Eun Geum. She is curious why he comes to the quarters. He asks her where is the princess (Seryung) and she says that Princess Kyung-hye is meeting His Highness. 

Seung Yoo feels relieved hearing this because he was worried that Seryung hasn’t return home. Eun Geum is confused by this. he gives her a small thing wrapped in a handkerchief, telling her to give it to the ‘princess’ (Seryung). he warns her to take good care of the ‘princess’ and threatens to punish her if something bad happens to the ‘princess’. Eun Geum says yes to the order. 

After he left, she opens the handkerchief and finds Seryung’s norigae (garment accessory) in it.

Cut to Princess Kyung-hye and King Munjong.
King Munjong: Do you disapprove of Kim Seung Yoo that much?

Princess Kyung-hye: What would possibly move me to feel that?
King Munjong: As you were so obediently taking part in his lectures, I was thinking you might have grown fond of him...

Princess Kyung-hye: I believe the crown prince still needs my guidance, so I would like you to defer the Royal son-in-law's appointment.

King Munjong: If the crown prince is whom concerns you, join Kim Seungyoo in conjugal ties. How much longer will you stay by his side? Until he comes of age? Or perhaps when he ascends the throne?

Princess Kyung-hye: Father... (she almost cries)

King Munjong: If anyone can help him, it's certainly not a father at the end of his path, nor a sister oblivious to our affairs of state.  It is no one but Kim Jong Seo.

Princess Kyung-hye: But if good spirits keep blessing you...

King Munjong: Will you let such futile vagaries... decide the fate of your brother? I no longer have the strength to cope with such frivolous whims. Every step along my path must be taken in haste, and will pierce my already grievous heart.

Princess Kyung-hye returns to her quarters and voices her disbelief in her father’s decision.
Princess Kyung-hye: How can Seryung's prospective spouse join me in conjugal ties?! Have you ever experienced something so baffling before?

Eun Geum just listens to her as she talks about meeting Seung Yoo tomorrow to explain everything before things get worse. Eun Geum then mentions about Seung Yoo dropping by earlier. she shows Princess Kyung-hye the norigae she received from him. Princess Kyung-hye seems pretty surprised by this.

in the Prince Suyang’s residence, Lady Yoon scolds Seryung for wearing a gisaeng’s garment returning home. She is mad because from riding horse, she now turns to wearing something which is so freaking unsuitable for a noble woman. (it’s like wearing a prostitute’s outfit, when you’re supposed to dress nicely lol). 

Seryung receives a few strokes from her Lady Yoon. Seryung falls because she cannot handle it anymore and Lady Yoon makes her promise not to ride a horse anymore. (the funny part is Lady Yoon says if she rides a horse again, she will be the reason why she (Lady Yoon) is going to die early, just so my mom’s-style). That night, Yeori puts some ointment on her legs and she notices that Seryung’s bruised ankle is now better. This reminds Seryung of Seung Yoo and their conversation earlier that day.
“Seung Yoo: Befitting?! It wouldn't seem what someone who bares her calves even in her sleep should say.... “
She wonders if he put the herb by himself (on her ankle) earlier.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Seo and his politic minions are gathering at a place. His minions congratulate him on becoming in-laws with His Highness. Among the guests are Min Shin (Minister, Board of Military Affairs/Shin Myun’s dad) and Jo Geukgwan (Vice Minister, Board of Punishments). Min Shin voices his worry on why Prince Suyang calmly agreed with the king’s decision earlier. “Did he not clamor to make Seung Yoo his son-in-law? How could he possibly accept this situation, fully knowing the extent of your relationship with His Majesty?” “The Royal son-in-law has not been appointed quite yet. Now that Suyang has volunteered to preside over the selection, the entire procedure is under his control.”

In Prince Suyang’s meeting place, Prince Suyang’s minions, Prince  Onnyeong and Kwon Ram voice their disgust in Kim Jong Seo’s decision in choosing His Majesty over him. They see this as a declaration of war from Kim Jong Seo and His Majesty. Kwon Ram says that Prince Suyang is way too generos offering to preside over the selection. Prince Suyang smiles at this. He plans on choosing another consort prince for Princess Kyung-hye, to replace Seung Yoo. (in other words, Seung Yoo will never ever be the prince consort, no matter what) *it may sound ridiculous, but I am liking this idea so freaking muchbecause it kind of pave the way for Seryung and Seung Yoo’s romance lol*

The next morning, an announcement is made that any marriage from noble families and others are forbidden for a while before Princess Kyung-hye’s future husband is decided. Seryung is also informed of this. she enters the palace and dress in Princess Kyung-hye’s official dress with the help of the court ladies and I ready to meet Seung Yoo for her informs her hat Princess Kyung-hye is taking a walk and she refuses to let any court lady to follow her around. She also tells Seryung that Princess Kyung-hye is worried about her upcoming marriage (which is possibly with Seung Yoo, her so called fiancĂ©!) Seryung says that she has heard about the marriage. Eun Geum pretentiously asks Seryung where is the norigae that Princess Kyung-hye has gave to her the previous day. And Seryung gives an (enormously stupid) answer, saying that she left it at home. (way to make matters worse!)
Eun Geum then meets Princess Kyung-hye and says that Seryung has left for her lesson wit Seung Yoo.
Princess Kyung-hye: If a man holds a woman's trinket... What would that suggest?Eun Geum: Th... That...Princess Kyung-hye: I'll have to verify firsthand. (that does not sound good at all!)

Cut to Seung Yoo. Prof. Lee Gae asks him about Princess Kyung-hye’s lesson and Seung Yoo haughtily says that he does not understand why other lecturers had had a hard time teaching the princess when he finds it is pretty easy. (lol just for you hun). Talking bout Seryung, he says that the ‘princess’ is kind of mysterious. Other lecturers are surprised by his statement.

Before entering the studying room, Seung Yoo remembers the moment when Seryung steps on his back to get on the horse the day before. (this is what I call ‘falling in love’ lol). He enters the room an d then take a sit in front of Seryung, with a curtain separating them. A court lady enters the room and pours some drink for Seung Yoo, turns out the court lady is none other, but Princess Kyung-hye. She takes a good look at Seung Yoo’s face and she seems to be smitten by him (I love her, but I DON”T WANT her to fall in love with him too, a big NO!)
Seung Yoo: Did you enjoy a peaceful repose?Seryung: Yes.Seung Yoo: I wonder why Your Highness' safety would afflict me, given your composure. Certainly an excess of concern on my part.Seryung: I can only be grateful for your kind patronage.Seung Yoo: Have you perchance heard talebearing of a licentious lady who... risks demise only to ride horses whose mere gallop daunts her, and gleefully frolics about in the embrace of men?
Princess Kyung-hye is surprised by Seung Yoo’s words. She clearly understands that he is talking about Seryung, but she thinks of  it as a way more serious affair.
Seryung: I was told that someone brought her to a bizarre brothel... and forced her to don awfully garish garments?! What happened to that trinket of hers which ended up in the hands of that man?Seung Yoo: They told you even that? You mean the one belonging to the same lady who fell asleep beside him...Ohh Ohh...
Hearing that Seryung did sleep with him (that’s the way it sounds to Princess Kyung-hye), Princess Kyung-hye cannot stand it anymore., she drops a teapot out of shock. Shocked by the sound of the dropped teapot, Seryung lifts up the curtain to be double-surprised to see that the court lady is actually Princess Kyung-hye.

Cuts to Princess Kyung-hye and Seryung walking to the quarters. Seryung sighs that Princess Kyung-hye has done something absolutely wrong.
Seryung: Why engage in such perilous jests?Princess Kyung-hye: When it comes to perilous jests, are we not on the same boat?(I love that Princess Kyung-hye and Seryung are both pretty smart to outwit each other lol)Princess Kyung-hye gives Seryung the trinket that was sent to her by Seung Yoo the night before and Seryung asks her where did she get it.Seryung: Are you telling me he visited your quarters to bring this back?Princess Kyung-hye: Don't tell me the licentious lady falling asleep next to that man was you?!Seryung: What? We met outside the palace by mere chance, and yet all that hyperbole...Princess Kyung-hye: Sounds quite intimate to me?!Seryung: Intimate?! He's nothing but a petulant stand pat much too enamored with his noble old mores. But then I wonder. This is the same man who treated my bruised calf...
Seryung then decides that she should take a leave now. Before she leaves, she happily congratulates Princess Kyung-hye  on her approaching marriage (not knowing that Princess Kyung-hye is going to marry her man!). Princess Kyung-hye accepts the congratulatory with a thank you but her face shows that she is not that happy to hear it from her. (hun, It is NOT her mistake that she is close to Seung Yoo since she was the one who is supposed to marry him!).

After Seryung left, Princess Kyung-hye says to herself that Kim Seung Yoo isn’t the man for Seryung. (the way she says it creeps me to no end, I don’t want their relationship to end the bad way)

Cut to Shin Sukju (Shin Myun’s dad). He audiences King Munjong. He seems to be concerned about the king’s condition.
King Munjong: It is good to see you. Come closer.
Shin Sukju seems to hesitate.King Munjong: Ohh Ohh... I said come closer.Shin Sukju: Sire. I see distress on your face...King Munjong: I fondly long for those sleepless nights we spent debating at the Hall of Worthies. Were it not for the former king's wish to leave the hall's scholars out of politics, I would have put you in charge of the state council. You would be more than qualified to become our chief state councilor...Shin Sukju: Your grace is immeasurable.King Munjong: I need your resolve. The court is completely under Suyang's control, so be mindful of his subterfuges in my stead.Shin Sukju: I shall bear it in mind.

Shin Sukju then heads to the Council Hall, not noticing that Prince Suyang and Kwon Ram is observing him. They talk about him. Kwon Ram says that Shin Sukju’s  inflexible repute precedes him even at the Hall of Worthies. But Prince Suyang says that although he is inflexible, he’s just an empty say (aka not something that is too hard handle)

 In the meeting (to choose the royal son in law), Shin Sukju says no to all the candidates that have been chosen by Prince Suyang. This annoys Prince Suyang’s and his minions. Shin Sukju adds more salt to the injury by saying that he would rather focus on verifying whether Kim Seungyoo’s birth date is deemed propitious when confronted with Her Highness'. Prince Suyang and his men disagree with this because the practice of verifying the birthdate is supposed to be reserved for the final selection. However they all know that the selection process is just a mere formality. Shin Sukju makes it even harder for Prince Suyang to get his hands into the selection process by appointing Park Sucheon of the office of astronomy the task to check the suitability of their birth dates. And for the duration of the entire selection process, the Royal Palace Guard will be entrusted with his office's security. The results of his research cannot be disclosed, so entrance must be forbidden. (way to annoy Prince Suyang more lol)

Prince Suyang then takes a walk with Shin Sukju. Prince Suyang pretends to feel relieved that Shin Sukju is so scrupulous in handling the task given by the king. Shin Sukju says that Prince Suyang’s role is even more crucial in the matter. They then accidentally come across Seung Yoo on the hallway. Shin Sukju greets Seung Yoo and asks him whether he is heading home. Seung Yoo says yes and Shin Sukju introduces him to Prince Suyang. Seung Yoo greets him too, introducing himself as a lecturer from the Royal Institute. Prince Suyang then says that Seung Yoo is totally different from his father, and asks him whether lecturing everyday does not tire him. Seung Yoo laughs at this and says that he does not find it tiring at all. Prince Suyang then asks him about being the Princess Kyung-hye’s lecturer and whether they are close. Seung Yoo denies that they are close and says that he is merely in charge of her Xiaojing lectures only. Prince Suyang then dismisses him saying that seeing Seung Yoo makes he feels regretful (because of the rejected betrothal). After Seung Yoo left, Prince Suyang changes the topic of conversation to abut Seung Yoo. He asks Shin Sukju about what is his relationship with Seung Yoo and Shin Sukju admits that Seung Yoo is his son’s best friend.

Cut to Shin Myun. He is preparing his team to catch the crooks in the capital. He is set to catch them all because they keep on disturbing the peace in the capital. Jabeon, Shin Myun’s subordinate, runs to catch the crooks. (gotta mention this, he is way cooler than Shin Myun himself lol). He manages to immobilize a few guys with his skills. When he tries to catch the third guy, he is forced to a halt when the guy enters a gibang. (he basically jumped into it)

Jabeon stops in front of the closed gibang gate. Shin Myun and his men arrive and he asks him why he is stopping there. Jabeon says that the gibang is Cheong Pung Gwan, a gibang that is always visited by higher ups. Shin Myun however does not care about this, saying that the gibang is just a gibang. He demands his men to open the door. The officers ask the door to be opened but no one inside the gibang wants to do so. Jabeon then (handsomely and stunningly) jumps into the gibang across the gibang’s wall and opens the door for Shin Myun and his men. (lol I am starting to fall in love with Shin Myun’s subordinate :3 I blame his hotness for this one-sided love!)

A gisaeng tells them that the gibang is closed because they are serving very important guests right now. Shin Myun then informs her that they are searching for a crook who entered the gibang earlier and she tells them that they are at the wrong place. Shin Myun however does not  care about the important guests and orders his men to search the place. Shin Myun opens door by door. He is then stopped in front of a door when a guard holds his sword to his neck. He continues to open the door and finds none other than Prince Suyang in the room, with a man, Han Myeonghwe. Prince Suyang  and the guy ask what is with all the commotion and Shin Myun introduces himself as the Capital Bureau Prefect, Shin Myun and that he came there to apprehend the ringleader of a rogue syndicate.
Prince Suyang: The ringleader of a rogue syndicate... Looking for me, all right.Shin Myun: Then, I would appreciate if you could follow us to the capital bureau. (OMG, he’s just joking, don’t be too serious, you’re developing a trouble here!)
Everyone laughs at Shin Myun’s absurd order. (He’s Prince Suyang, not the so called ringleader!)
Han Myeonghwe: Tell me, Prefect. Do you perchance know whom you're facing? (obviously, NO!) Pay your respects! It's His Highness Prince Suyang!
Shin Myun bows and apologizes for the affront. Prince Suyang says that he is moved by Shin Myun who is not swayed by power. He asks from which clan he Shin Myun is and Shin Myun simply says hat his father is the Vice Counselor of the Hall of Worthies, Shin Sukju. Shin Myun then walks out and thi surprises Jabeon and Shin Myun’ other  men.

Prince Suyang then continues his conversation with Han Myeonghwe (which I’ll refer as Han only for now).Prince Suyang: Peculiar, is it not? I met one of that fellow's closest friends at the palace today.Han: Are you referring to Councilor Kim's son, Seungyoo?Prince Suyang: What great loss to squander such virtue on anyone else.Han: Was your betrothal missive turned down?Prince Suyang: He chose to forsake me to join forces with my brother.
Han: It must be prevented. Wouldn't impeding this union suffice? Lowly miscreant or esteemed courtier, conceal all your traces and the stench of a corpse is all that your actions will leave.
Prince Suyang: Save for all the spiteful daggers of insinuation it will attract.Han: But what would that matter? Insinuations without evidence will only make them aimlessly shiver in fear.

Seung Yoo goes looking for Jeong Jong at his house. He screams for him and an old woman open the door. It’s Jeong Jong’s mom. Seung Yoo asks why is she opening the door and demands to know where are the maids. Jeong Jong’s mom informs him that they cannot afford to pay the servants anymore. He asks where is Jeong Jong and the old woman just sighs. It turns out that Jeong Jong is begging to borrow some medicine from a man (I guess he is a doctor) for his mom. The doctor refuses to give him any medicine unless he pays all his debt first. Jeong Jong tries to snap the medicine, but the doctor holds it tight. Seung Yoo shows up and demands to know how much the doctor wants. He then pays Jeong Jong’s debt and even buys the medicine for him. Jeong Jong thanks him for doing so. He says that one day he will be the consort Prince and pays Seung Yoo back the money he has spent on him. Seung Yoo does not believe that he would be able to be the consort prince.

Seung Yoo: Royal son-in-law?! Who said I'd let you?Jeong Jong: Ohh Ohh! Listen to you. Is our mighty lecturer standing up for his pupil now?Jeong Jong: Ahh... I see we've got another competitor here! Myun is out of the equation because of his brother's candidacy, but I'm sure you were added to the list?!Seung Yoo: It's nothing we should concern ourselves with. Hasten back home and give your mother her medicine.Jeong Jong: All right.

Seung Yoo heads home after Jeong Jong left. He announces his return (which I guess is a tradition) an gets called by his father to his room.
Kim Jong Seo: What was your impression of Her Highness?
Seung Yoo: Pardon me?Kim Jong Seo: Was all the tale bearing about her true?Seung Yoo: What are you referring to?Kim Jong Seo: It suggests that His Majesty pampered her to a fault, so she tends to be immature.Seung Yoo: I can only note how misguided those insinuations are.Kim Jong Seo: Why is that?Seung Yoo: Her Highness is brimming with wisdom and vitality.Kim Jong Seo: That is most reassuring. I shall add you to the list of candidates for Royal son-in-law. But the entire procedure is a mere formality.Seung Yoo: What?Kim Jong Seo: His Majesty has already chosen a suitable candidate. And his choice is none other than you.Kim Jong Seo smiles. (gotta mention this, because his smile is so sweet….making me miss my late father *sighs*)Seung Yoo returns to his room, feeling as happy as ever, thinking that he will be marrying Seryung. (Guess who will get a mini heart attack later on…)

Cut to Prince Suyang’s residence. Yeori informs Seryung that Prince Suyang is going hunting. She tells he that they must use the time (while he’s gone) to find the horse she lost earlier. Seryung and Yeori then heads to the gibang. Yeori enters the gibang to ask around while Seryung waits outside. However, Seryung is forced to hide at a corner when she catches a glimpse of Seryung approaching the gibang. Yeori wonders where did she go. When Seryung tries to peek from her hiding place, she gets a cute mini heart attack because Seung Yoo is right in front of her (lol her shocked face is unbelievably funny).
Seung Yoo: How can you leave the palace as if it was nothing? I shall punish all your attendants' spurious negligence once and for all.Seryung: Good to hear. I will take this opportunity to inform the office of inspector-general... of a certain licentious lecturer who frequents gibang as if it was nothing.Seung Yoo: So what do we owe today's escapade to?Seryung: My need to find a horse.Seung Yoo: How trivial an excuse. Could you have not sent your varlets to do that?Seryung: I'm in a predicament you wouldn't understand.Seung Yoo: So you will ride again, regardless of your lecturer's admonitions... and the risk of once again injuring yourself?Seryung: I won't. I will not ride again.Seung Yoo:  And why is that?Seryung: For I promised someone whose grievous concerns I respect.
Seung Yoo remembers the moment when Seryung had asked him whether it is true that riding liberates one’s mind.  She also mentioned that women are plagued by solitude after marriage, unable to walk past their gates and so she should make precious memories to help her endure all that.

Seryung then excuses herself to head back to the ‘palace’, telling Seung Yoo not to worry about her.
Seung Yoo: Join me. And experience firsthand how truly liberating it can feel.
Seryung is surprised by the offer but then happily agrees and follows Seung Yoo to the horse. (I would be happy too if I was her… lol)
Seung Yoo: Remember to always hold the bridle and mane when first mounting the horse. And when mounting it, always do it from the left. Be mindful of not kicking the rump with your right foot. You would invite a sudden fall.
Seung Yoo then kneels to the ground, asking Seryung to step on his back and get onto the horse. (this time, he’s doing it willingly lol)Seryung: Ahh... I remember doing that once.
Once Seryung is on the horse, Seung Yoo teaches her how to properly ride a horse. He tells her to watch her posture and to make sure her head, hip and foot form a straight line. He also tells her to always focus her center of gravity on her back, for pushing forward would result in a fall.

Seung Yoo: Firmly hold the reins at all times, hit its belly with the edge of your foot, the harder you hit, the faster the horse will go. Give it a try.
Seryung tries it but closes her eyes because she is scared. Seung Yoo screams at her to ever close her eyes. Seung Yoo then quickly gets onto the horse as it is pretty obvious Seryung would not be able to ride the horse on her own. (There’s nothing wrong with that right? Considering that “they” will get married soon…)

Meanwhile, Prince Suyang is meeting is men. Prince Onnyeong states that it’s hard to find a replacement as great as Seung Yoo. Prince Suyang smiles. He says that Seung Yoo would not appear on the day of the selection of the Royal-son–in-law. Prince Onnyeong wonders what does that mean.

Cut to Seung Yoo and Seryung. Seung Yoo handles the horse professionally and instructs it to go faster. Seryung still closes her eyes out of fear. Seung Yoo holds Seryung’s hip and asks her to open her eyes, saying that he is there for her.
(ALERT: The scene is so freaking beautiful!)

Seryung: I'm scared!Seung Yoo: I will not let you get hurt. Trust me and open those eyes.

Seryung opens her eyes slowly.
Seung Yoo: Are you all right now?Seryung: Yes.Seung Yoo: We'll go a little faster now.Seryung: Master! It feels as if the entire world is flashing by!Seung Yoo: Feel the breeze. Does it feel good?Seryung:  My heart is beating just as fast!Seung Yoo then slows down the horse, intending on going for a halt. Seryung does not seem to be excited for this.

Seryung: Can't we do it a little more?Seung Yoo: It is late, so I suggest we head back. Ohh Ohh... Will you let go of them? You've had your fair share of horse riding, so consider it your last.Seryung:  Teach me more.Seung Yoo:  What?!Seryung: Learning how to ride made all my fears and misgivings vanish. So I want to learn more. Let us meet again under the full moon, before that gibang's gates. Don't forget.
 Seung Yoo is surprised by her statement but when he sees Seryung’s face, he gets embarrassed and (not so) reluctantly agrees.

Cut to the (evil) Prince Suyang.
Prince Suyang: Kim Seung Yoo...shall not live to see the morrow.(so the plan is to kill him? I am surprised that he did not do it earlier…)

Meanwhile, Seung Yoo realizes that a few horse riders are following them. He decides to go faster and this scares Seryung. the guys aim a few arrows at them but they (luckily) manage to evade the arrows. (no need for me to say it, we all know that they are Prince Suyang’s men!). however, one of the men manage to shoot their horse, causing both of them to fall from it. Seung Yoo quickly checks on Seryung. they stand up and quickly run for their (freaking) lives, holding hands. (It would have been romantic if it wasn’t for the fact that Prince Suyang’s men are behind them -.-).

Suddenly, Seung Yoo gets hit by an arrow. Seryung stares at him in horror and he lets go of her hand. Seryung screams “Master!”.


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