Friday, September 28, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 6

Nice Guy Episode 6 Summary

This episode is nice. Eunki falls more in love with Maru while Maru is kind of manipulating her feelings.

Starting from the last episode.

Maru kisses Eunki passionately but it is clear from his eyes that while Eunki really loves him, he does not feel the same way for her.

Maru says in voiceover that his beginning was Jaehee and his ending will be her too.

Eunki gets kicked out of the house by her dad. Joonha offers her his credit card but she refuses to accept it.

Jaehee kisses Maru and Maru takes their pic while kissing

Eunki goes to meet Maru and he asks her to stay with him (in front of Jaehee on phone)

Joonha shows Eunki the picture of Lawyer Ahn kissing Jaehee

Eunki gets drunk and asks Maru what has he done to her because he is driving her insane.

Maru talks to the drunken Eunki and asks her whether she wants to stop being used. He is giving her only one chance to do so. But the next morning when Eunki asks him about the question, he brushes her off.

Joonha calls Eunki and Maru answers his call and tells him that he is Eunki’s boyfriend
Joonha finds out that Maru is the same guy that used to date Jaehee.

Jaegil got hurt because of Jaehee’s brother who is attacking him asking where Jaehee is.

Joonha gives Eunki a file.

On her way to Maru’s house, Eunki meets a woman who asks her to pass a frame to Maru. She takes a look at it and is shocked to see the picture of Maru and Jaehee in it on Jaehee’s graduation day.

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