Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 5

So this episode is the best episode so far for me (lol it just gets better and better with time). this episode shows some nice moments involving our two leads. and guess what? they also..... oh just read it already and stop reading this stupid rant lol.

  • Maru with the help of Jaegil managed to draft some plan for Eunki to win her fight, before the last scene in episode 4 where he threw Eunki into the water.
  • Eunki is surprised that he comes for her and he coolly says it is because he misses her
  • after breakfast, Maru touches her with his research on the project to help Eunki
  • Maru gives her a goodluck kiss on the forehead beofre she goes to fight Jaehee
  • Jaehee holds the contract signing with the buyers of the Aomori resort earlier than planned
  • Eunki tears the contract apart and Jaehee simply says to the buyers that she is mentally unstable
  • Eunki threatens to report that to her father and Jaehee simply says she can do nothing because Jaehee is no longer just Han Jaehee, she is more powerful than that
  • Eunki plans to leave the meeting but then Maru calls demanding to talk to the buyers. he had done a research on them and reveals that they are businessman with bad business history
  • The buyers cancel the plan to buy the resort
  • Maru and Eunki decides to meet again for a date the afternoon
  • Jaegil is found by his father's man (his father is looking for him) and he says that he is no longer his father's son
  • that afterrnoon, Jaehee calls MAru and asks him to meet her
  • Eunki gets dressed and even wears make up for the date
  • at first he refuses to but he comes to meet her near the river to hear what she has to say
  • Eunki waits for him at a bridge
  • Jaehee tries to talk Maru into running away with her (which I am not sure true or just a plain lie)
  • he ignores her and leaves after Jaehee 10 minutes is over
  • but he turns back when he hears a splash and sees that Jaehee has jumped into the river
  • he nervously tries to save her and manage to do so
  • Joonha finds out about Jaehee's kiss with secretary Ahn from the cctv
  • Maru brings Jaehee to a room and then decides to leave
  • she wakes up and says that she will return to him but not now so he will have to wait first
  • Secretary Ahn waits for Jaehee outside the room
  • Maru walks out and sees that the place is in the middle of a festival and remembers his date with Eunki
  • he searches for her at the bridge and fnds her sleeping
  • Eunki says that she waited for him because she beieves that he will come no matter what
  • he asks her about putting her make up and she admits that it was the first time she did it
  • Eunki tries to rant more but Maru shuts her up with a kiss (swoon!)

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