Monday, September 24, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 4

this summary is pretty late because I have been so busy with my lame life so I couldn't focus on this one, but here goes episode 4

  • Jaehee warns Eunki about not getting too involved and fooled by Maru but Eunki says she does not care since she has experienced Jaehee, there is nothing worse than that
  • Jaehee warns her that she will be the one who is hurt in the end
  • Choco goes for a singing audition and couldn't sing, however she manages to sing when she pulls out a picture of Jaegil on her phone (she still fails the audition though)
  • Joonha goes to Jaehee's old neighborhood to ask around about her but the neighbors are paid to lie about not knowing her by Lawyer Ahn
  • Chairman Seo says that he doesn't trust women but Lawyer Ahn (and himself) assure him that Jaehee is a trustworthy woman
  • Maru agrees to go for a so called date with Eunki and shows up in front of her and Jaehee
  • Maru and Jaehee pretend like they don't really know each other
  • Eunki tells Jaehee not to be jealous because she is about to be a married woman (marrying her father)
  • Maru says he was a huge fan of Jaehee when she was an anchorwoman but when she thanks him, he says not anymore (I love this one lol)
  • Chairman Seo arrives and invites Maru for brunch (Eunki introduces him as her boyfriend)
  • Chairman Seo asks about Maru's past and Jaehee is nervous that the bean will be spilled
  • but Maru keeps a sealed mouth on the part where he got imprisoned, refusing to answer any further question from Chairman Seo
  • Chairman Seo scolds Eunki for not knowing Maru's past but Eunki says it doesn't matter, she only cares about their present and future together
  • Eunki then retorts that Chairman Seo himself don't even know what a bad person he is really marrying
  • Chairman Seo throws a glass of water in Eunki's face and threatens to write her name off the will
  • Chairman Seo asks Jaehee to get rid of Maru as Eunki's mom (right in front of Maru himself)
  • Chairman Seo leaves and Eunki goes after him, leaving Maru and Jaehee alone
  • Maru tells Jaehee that no matter how great her life is, he will bring her down to Earth
  • Eunki waits for Maru outside, and says she loves Maru and her love confession is pretty much welcomed by Maru (I don't know whether it is true or not, because both are pretty manipulative so you decide yourself okay?)
  • Eunki asks for a goodbye handshake, but Maru says to go with a kiss, sometime later and she agrees
  • Choco is jealous of Jaegil's girlfriend (cute!)
  • some time has passed and Eunki got fired from her job as Taesan group's executive Director by that, Eunki is pissed off
  • Eunki tries to keep a resort in Aomori (the place is precious to her) while Chairman Seo instructs Jaehee to sell it to raise some funds
  • Choco asks Maru to forget about Jaehee and just be with the one he loves, giving Eunki as an example
  • Eunki calls Maru from the Aomori resort, wanting to meet him
  • she says that it is possible that she will lose everything but Maru he doesn't care, asking if he has found a place for them to kiss
  • Maru overhears/hears Jaehee asking Eunki to stay low and not try to fight her
  • Eunki haven't found a way to beat JAehee but she refuses to give up
  • she falls asleep while trying to come up with a plan
  • the next morning, she got thrown into a river by none other but Maru, he tells her "lets kill them all"
Oh, cool.

*note that the two leads are pretending to love each other, but sometimes I don't know if they are pretending or being real*

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