Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 3

lol I took like forever to post this one, thanks to my slow internet connection.. well whatever right?

  • Eunki got egged while trying to talk to her workers who demand her to resign from the company
  • Maru seems to have done a research on Eunki and finds that Eunki has a hobby of riding motorbike, so he kinda tail her
  • Eunki has a huge love for her barbie doll, given by her mom, and when she fell in episode 2, she demanded Maru to save it too, causing Maru to get hurt (because he fell)
  • when they get to the hospital, Eunki tells Maru not o mess with her since she suspects him of having another motive behind saving her
  • Maru tells her she should be polite and say thank you when she should, his parent taught his this
  • Jaehee tuns out to had eavesdropped Eunki's conversation with Chairman Seo earlier and she asks his son to hold his position tight once they got the position in the company
  • Eunki asks Joonha to make a research on Jaehee and Maru's past but Lawyer Ahn covers Jaehee's trail
  • Jaehee pretends to care about both Eunki and Chairman Seo
  • she demurely refuses to have any position in the company when the chairman offers her one
  • flashback to the past shows that Eunki refused to move out with her mother because she plannes on winning in the fight with her father, so her mom gave her a barbie doll
  • Choco texts Maru telling that she will return to her mother (they share the same father but different moms)
  • Jaehee goes to the neighbourhood again and is caught by Lawyer Ahn
  • Eunki goes to meet Maru too, demanding to know what he wants as a thank you since Maru rejected her gifts
  • Maru gets a call from Choco, who is bruised because she got abuse at her mom's place 
  • he plans on going to take her back, but Eunki gets into the car swiftly before he could star the engine
  • Maru asks her to get out but she refuses too so he takes her to Seoul too
  • Maru then says that after the accident he starts to like Eunki
  • this shocked Eunki and she demands to be let out but this time Maru refuses to let her out
  • at Choco's Mom's house, Maru beats Choco's stepfather who is abusing her and her mom
  • choco'c mom says that she prefer the abusive husband over her daughter, and Maru brings Choco home
  • seeing Eunki, Choco demands to know who she is, whether she is his girlfriend or what
  • Maru says that Eunki is someone he knows and denies that she is his girlfriend
  • Jaehee tells everything about her life to Lawyer Ahn and then manipulate him to help her secure her place in the company
  • Jaehee kisses Lawyer Ahn and Maru sees this as he arrived there to send Eunki home
  • Jaehee is shocked to see him
  • Eunki was sleeping at the time so when she wakes up she does not know what is really going on
    • somehow Eunki manages to catch Jaehee's disapproval of her being with Maru so she asks Maru  for a date for days to come, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow an so on

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