Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 2

I forgot to post this summary yesterday because I was so busy with my stupid recap on it lol

okay here we go

-Jaehee asks Maru to stop treating Eunki but he refuses to listen to her
-Eunki is stabilized and Maru returns to his seat leaving Eunki and Jaehee to the flight attendants
-Maru seems to be shaken by his encounter with Jaehee
-when the plane landed, Jaegil notices that the rumours must have been true, that Jaehee has married a rich man (which was the reason why she stopped visiting Maru in jail)
-Jaegil wonders why Maru ended up in jail, not knowing that it was because of her
-Maru remembers the sweet memories he shared with Jaehee before he got imprisoned and how he met her when they were little (she was hiding in his house, hiding from her abusive father)
-Eunki is sent to the hospital but she sits in her room, eating fried chicken and doing her business related work on her lappy
-she is pissed off that Maru saved her since he is an unlicensed doctor (he dropped out of med school)
-Jaehee goes to Maru's house which was his old house and she finds out from Jaegil that Maru has became a gigolo to pay for his sister medical treatment and that he refused to move away because he is still waiting for her
-Maru accompanies his sister to the hospital and she complains that he is so overprotective of her that she can't go to college and go clubbing
-Maru piggybacks Choco home, missing Jaehee
-Jaegil then gives him an envelop of money from Jaehee, he dislikes it
-while driving home, Jaehee remembers how she had tried to stop Maru years ago but he asked her to just leave it to him
-Eunki meets Jaehee and she demands to know why she had given a billion won to Maru and jaehee gives the excuse that it is to pay him for his kindness of saving her earlier
-Eunki does not buy this and jaehee changes to saying that Maru blackmails her on Eunki's past (she used to get involved with drugs which later is revealed because she loved a guy in her highschool)
-the next day, Maru returns the money JAehee gave to him back to the mailbox of her house
-during dinner, Eunki reveals that she had lodged a police report on Maru blackmailing them, to JAehee's surprise (Eunki knows that Jaehee knows Maru personally)
-Maru returns home and sees his frantic sister, and policemen in his house, they are going to arrest him because of the report by Eunki but when asked, they say that it's Jaehee who reported him (Eunki's trick lol)
-At the police station, Jaehee (bitchily!) says that Maru did blackmail her, while Maru stays silent (he says in his mind that jaehee should not do that since he's letting her go)
-Jaehee returns home to find the money returned by Maru
-Chairman Seo scolds Eunki for her work style at work and yells at her asking er to leave like her mother if she can't do her work properly
-Chairman Seo accidentally hurts Eunki's face in anger, but feels not sorry at all
-Maru is released because of the lack of evident, and Eunki promises Jaehee that she is capable of doing more to them
-Jaehee using her drug problems, warns Eunki not to mess with her
-Eunki works in the middle of the night but then ends up drunk after drinking some soju
-Maru rushes to the hospital after being released to see Choco who is sick
-later on, two riders race in the woods
-a motorcycle rider almost falls into the cliff, she is Eunki, and Maru, the other rider holds out his hand to help her up

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