Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summary : Nice Guy Episode 1

click here for a recap in malay (bahasa melayu)

I FREAKING LOVE this show. although the revenge hasn't started yet, the first episode is a pretty solid episode that introduce us to the (amazing) characters. the dark Soong Joon Ki is awesome, but what makes me feel like going insane is the coolness of Moon Chae Won's character, Seo Eunki who is so freaking cool with her brusque way of handling everything. plus she hates her stepmom (which obviously menas she is on my freaking side lol). I was thinking bout recapping this show but then, I have a handful of other things to do, so I'll just summarize this show. I will consider recapping it, maybe in Malay (considering how awful my English is). okay, off to episode 1.

-Maru is excited to see his noona, Jaehee, who is reporting some news on the tv screen at a hospital before he gets called by his supervisor, Dr. Suk Minhyuk to make a round
-Maru asks the doctor why he does not ask the trainess (including himself) while on the round and the doctor kinda say that he thinks that they would not be able to provide the needed answer if he questions them
-The doctor challenges Maru to diagnose a child's illness and he comes up with the child aving a tumor but the scnanner proves that there is nohng wrong with the kid. Maru apologizes for being wrong
-that night, the kid gets re-admitted to the hospital for his tumor, the doctor apologizes for being wrong
-Maru then returns home, looking for his little sister, Choco, and he finds her lying on the floor, terribly sick
-he is about to take her to the hospital when he gets a call from Jaehee
-Jaehee rants about a man is being dead. she cries and asks him to go and meet her
-however, Choco begs Maru not to leave her too, saying that she will die if he leaves her
-Maru is torn apart between the two but she chooses Jaehee over Choco and says that he will come back soon
-At a motel room, Maru finds Jaehee and a dead man
-Jaehee is huddled at a corner, denying that she kills the man
-she cries and Maru asks her to turn herself to the police since she won't get much troubles if it is a self-defense thing
-Jaehee refuses to, saying that she cannot lose her carrier which takes years to build, she tries to cut her hand but accidentally cuts Maru's as he tries to stop her
 -Maru angrily asks her if she can't just live for him, like he does all the time
-she calms a little bit later on and decides to turn herself in, but he stops her
-they kiss
-Maru asks Jaehee to leave because he will take the blame for her, since he can sacrifice his future, while she can't (it's like she will die if her carier ends and he will die if she dies)
-Maru apologizes to her sister for not keeping his promise to return home and gets sentenced to prison for 5 years
-Seo Eunki shows her cold side by taking one of her employees on a car ride, a very fast one
-she freaks him out as she states some stats on business and accuses him of skimming
-the car stops in front of her house and she sees as Jaehee gives an envelope to her dad, crying, saying that she has done quite a sacrifice to get that for him, Pres Seo hugs her while Eunki glares at them

6 years later
-Maru spends the night (in Tokyo) with a korean girl
-he gives her some money and says that he does not have the kind of money she is looking for (she is a gold digger and he knows this)
-she says that she does not care and that she loves him, they hug each other, with Maru being the annoyed one (but he keeps the dark side away when she is looking at him) 
-Eun Ki is sleeping in a suite, next to his. her lawyer, Park Joon Ha is by her side
-she wakes up ad scolds him for not waking her up for an important meeting, and he says that he worries about her physical state (she is sick)
-she takes a bath and gets out only covered in a towel, Joonha tries to avert his eyes
-she confirms that he is a gay (maybe he lies)
-Eun Ki then meets a japanese woman who complains about her company's product and she kinda outwit the woman and manages to prove that she was paid to complain about their products by her competitor
-Maru manages to gets some money from the gold digger (turns out he is doing it for his best friend, Jae Gil who lost his money to the gold digger before)
-Eun Ki meets Jaehee and she asks her to stop pretending to be nice to her when her father is not around, and she even scolds Jaehee's son for clinging to her (Eunki)
-when Maru is on the plane, a woman falls to his arms, and he thinks that she is one of the girls that are obsessed of him, only to realize that she is Eunki who has fainted
-he leaves her to the flight attendants, and goes to sit with Jaegil
-using Choco's name, Jaegil manages to ask 

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