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nice guy aka innocent man

Nice Guy aka Innocent Man

OMG!!! Guess what? I have a new melodrama to obsess over lol. The drama is called… Nice Guy aka Innocent Man. It does not sound that intriguing but I am all for it because it is a MELODRAMA and I am a melodrama freak lol. It will air on KBS replacing the intense Gaksital, which just ended. This new drama is made of a mixture of my most favorite ingredients: revenge and love. Revenge is so my kind of thing although it does not sound that sweet and love is just necessary in every drama lol. The leading casts are awesome too, because they are pretty lol. Soong Jong Ki is pretty god looking and I was (and still) so in love with him after Sungkyunkwan Scandal. His acting in Tree With Deep Roots was fantastic too therefore I am looking forward to this drama since he’s turning 180 degrees with his character (he is always the nice guy next door in his projects). For Moon Chae Won, I think she is kind of great for her role. She is not as pretty as Shi Yeon (but admit it) she is uniquely beautiful. I was so loving her in The Princess Man and I think she will do a great job with this project too. well for Park Shi Yeon, she is a great actress. Her acting in Slingshot was stunning and her role in Coffee House was heart wrenching. I guess she will deliver the story perfectly. Now let us have a look at the schematic info first before going any further with the plot and characters.


Titles: Nice Guy
Other Tittles: There Is No Such Thing as a Nice Guy  and Innocent Man
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 20 (not that sure though)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Release Date: September 12 2012
Air time: Wednesday & Friday 21:55 (Replacing Bridal Mask)
Synopsis: Betrayed by his girlfriend Han Jae Hee, Kang Ma Roo uses Seo Eun Gi, an heiress who has lost her memory, to exact his revenge.
Song Joong-ki (송중기) As Kang Ma-roo (강마루) - Maru
Moon Chae-won (문채원) As Eun-gi (은기) – Eunki
Park Si-yeon (박시연) As Han Jae-hee (한재희) - Jaehee
Kwang Soo (이광수) As Park Jae-gil (박재길) - Jaegil
Lee Yoo-bi (이유비) As Kang Choco (강초코) - Choco
Kim Young-cheol (김영철) As President Seo Choe Jang (서회장) – Pres. Seo

Further exploration of Nice Guy:

This show is famously known as Nice Guy but its full title is There is No Such Thing as a Nice Guy. The former sounds simple but the latter rather explains more on the depth of darkness the show is about to possess or has possessed. This show is not just a show of plain revenge but there is something darker about it because it involves the inner selves of the characters.

~Casts and Characters~

Kang Maru (Song Joong-ki) - 30 years-old.
He was born in a family where his father was a Casanova while his mother was the plain sweet and innocent kind of wife. When he was in his early twenties, Maru was a med student who is perfect; he has both intelligence and look. He was popular with women from all areas; including those in the financial and political arena but he has his eyes on only one woman, Jae Hee. Ever since she ran through his door when he was a child, she has been the only one in his heart. However, six years ago, everything changed after he received a panicked phone call from Jae-hee. The Kang Maru with a bright future disappeared and he lost Jae-hee, his reason for living. Now the old Maru is gone, the only Maru that is left is Maru the gigolo who has women pining for him. He has been searching for Jaehee but when he finally finds her, another woman enters his life- Seo Eunki. She calls Jaehee her mother.

Seo Eunki (Moon Chae-won) - 29 years-old.
Her father, the president of Tae-san Group, taught her to always hide her true feelings and never trust anyone, even her own family. She is the heir of her dad’s fortune, which causes Jaehee to consider her as a threat in her goal to rise higher. She is a cold woman who cares about nothing but her business. One day, she meets Kang Maru, a person her brain cannot comprehend and her heart cannot handle. At first, she was scared of him but then she got curious. After that, she could not stop thinking about him. Later, she always wanted to see him. Afterwards, she wanted to possess him. He is the reason why she starts to become a normal girl again.

Han Jae-hee (Park Shi-yeon)- 35 years-old.
She was a reporter. Kang Maru was the one who helped her survive her hard life. Her mother was a prostitute so Jae-hee does not know who her father is. The person she called “father” tried to sell her to a pimp to pay back his gambling debt. Jaehee considered Maru as a house with a light that is always on. He was always there for her, smiling and waiting with his arms wide open. However, she betrayed Maru once President Seo showed her a world so different from her own, a better world. Therefore, she turned her back on Maru.

Here is the character relationship chart. The red lines represent love, the blue lines represent family, and the green line is for friendship. We can see that Park Jun-ha, a Tae-san Group lawyer, loves Eun-gi while she loves Maru. Maru and Jae-hee love each other while Ahn Min-young, another Tae-san lawyer, who loves Jae-hee. Jae-hee also has a son with her husband who is also Eunki’s father. Maru has a half-sister named Choco who is love with his best friend, Park Jae-gil. All the love-relationships can be summarized as one: one-sided kind of love (but we will have to wait to see the progression of the relationships between the characters, especially Eun Ki and Maru).

Park Jaegil (30 years old)
He is Maru’s friend who has a love relationship with Maru’s sister, Choco. His dad has a fake bag company. He is a nice person but nobody really consider him as someone who is worth his or her attention. He is somewhat weak when it comes to women.

Kang Choco
She is Maru’s half-sister, who is the child of a night between Maru’s father and a woman who owns a soup house on a marketplace. Both she and Maru never received affection from their father and her father did not give any thought to her name and just registered her as Choco. She cannot attend classes at college because she suffers a lungs problem.

Seok Min Hyeok (50 years old)
Works at Hopkins University as an exchange professor and he was Maru’s professor at Med school. He received a call from Maru to treat Eun Ki.

Kang Maru is a Medical student. Han Jaehee was a reporter. They met when they were little and was lovers for a long time. Seo Eunki is a rich heir who is icy cold and has a business mind. One day, Jae Hee kills a middle-aged man in a motel and Maru takes the blame for her and goes to prison. During the time he was in prison, Jaehee became a wealthy woman by being with Chairman Seo (Kim Young Chu), who is Eunki’s father. She ruined Maru future and made it worse by turning her back on him. She has a young child with Chairman Seo, but is not married nor have they gone public with their relationship.
Maru gets out of prison 5 years later as a new Maru, leaving behind the old Maru. Women yearn for him. He became a gigolo (bartender). Jaehee wants to erase her past so she plans to use Chairman Seo to raise her status and give herself a new identity. Eunki and Jaehee intensely dislike each other. Eunki works at her father’s company. Maru and Eunki meet for the first time on a flight from Japan back to Korea, because she faints during the flight. This is also the first time Maru sees Jaehee again after he gets out of prison.

*later on Jaehee tries to kill Eunki because she wants to get Chairman Seo’s company and Eun Ki loses her memories but Maru saves her and plans on using her as a way of getting his revenge on Jaehee*

*I am not so sure bout this part…

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