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Summary: Gaksital (The Bridal Mask) Ending / Episode 28

Gaksital (The Bridal Mask) Ending / Episode 28

This is one of my favorite drama this year because it’s so Slingshot style lol It ended AWESOMELY yesterday so since I am so cool, I’ll give a short summary on what happens on the last episode, why am I so excited bout this? lol

  • Kang To and Mok Dan gets married happily
  • Shunji arrives and gets heartbroken seeing them all smiling
  • Shunji aims his gun to shoot Kang To
  • Mok Dan sees this and shields his body with hers
  • Mok Dan gets shot
  • Both Kang To and Shunji are shocked by this
  • Kang To manages to drag Mok Dan away while Shunji trails them to kill Kang To
  • Kang To and Mok Dan falls to the ground and she tells him to stay strong although when she’s gone
  • Mok Dan dies
  • Kang To and Shunji cry
  • Shunji tries to kill Kang To but faints when he gets knocked by one of Kang To’s men
  • Shunji wakes up to find Mok Dan’s blood on the ground; he touches it and cries again
  • Meanwhile, it’s a massacre at the camp. The death squad havve been ambushed and outnumbered, and they all die except Kye Soon’s lil brother
  • Kang To lies on Mok Dan’s grave as Baek Gun tells him to stay strong as Gaksial because all their men have been killed
  • He gets up and goes back to their hiding place
  • They plan on new a new independence move
  • Shunji gets Kang To-Mok Dan’s wedding photos printed and stares at them in tears
  • Rie waits as Ueno asks his samurai to kill her, but hers, Katsuyama , fights him
  • Gaksital comes to their rescue right when Katsuyama is about to lose the battle
  • Gaksital kills Ueno because he has taken everything he has, family and Shunji, away from him, and RIe asks Kang To not to kill Shunji because he is hurting too
  • Rie tells Shunji that she will be leaving and requests him to go with her and forget the crazy revenge thing, to avoid Kang To because it is better to move on
  • Rie leaves, telling Katsuyama her Korean name. he says he will remember her name.
  • Shunji tells Rie to go and live well as he puts his gun in a drawer
  • Kang To visits Shunji at his house and they talk about regretting letting each other live till that time
  • Kang To says one of them should die for the nightmare to end
  • Shunji tells Kang To to meet him at the yard
  • Kang to gets up and walks out, and Shunji takes out his gun
  • Shunji holds back his tears and shoots his gun at his own temple
  • Kang To knows what the sound of the gun shot means but he keeps walking as tears strolls down his face
  • a crowd of men dressed like a gaksital attacks the capital and Kang TO is one of them

-the end-

AWESOME + SATISFYING!!! This show makes me cries and yells a lot lol I love how the ending went. I feel nothing when Mok Dan gets shot but it really breaks my heart to see the impact of her death on the two men, Kang To and Shunji. Kang To marries her for a day and she dies? That’s so not cool considering how he has lost his family and friend (Shunji) but I find that it’s better for her to die considering she is pretty much useless in the story. Well for Shunji, I find it heartbreaking to see him cries for his irreversible mistake of killing Mok Dan but I guess that pretty much tells us not to be so intense with revenge lol. Shunji  dies by shooting himself? That’s beyond epic and so sad. I pity him for being so miserable and I love him for committing the suicide because I know Kang To would not be able to kill him without torturing his own emotions. It really touches me that Shunji manages to do the right thing and it is obvious that he regrets everything while Kang To still loves him after all the things he had done to him. Other than that, I find that it is so satisfying to see Rie leaving Katsuyama because she knows seeing her not loving him back will just hurt him. Okay the ending with the hundreds of gaksitals marching to the capital is cool lol


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