Monday, September 17, 2012

cute Headers for you guys

Guess what? I have collected a few cute headers earlier (when I am supposed to study!) and now knowing how (damn) hard it is to find the cute headers, I'm SHARING it with you guys...

Just simply right-click the header that you want and open it in the new tab to save it. note that those headers are not in their real size so you'll have to view it somewhere else.

and they are NOT MINE... so credit to the owners ( I have lost the list, so I'm so sorry for not listing them...)

And below are the headers that I made myself :)

If you wanna put your blog/web title on it, you can simply edit the selected header using various banner makers online... don' be too lazy okay?

However, if you're really struggling to edit them, feel free to comment below :)

Got any question on your mind? Just comment below.

lastly, Smile! (it makes you look pretty!)


  1. they're nothing hun~
    plus they're not mine so the credit goes to the owners~

  2. Replies
    1. ambik lah mana2 yang Zayani prefer :)

  3. great,. i picked 2 okay,. thank you

  4. thanks for the cute headers. anyway can I know what software that you used to create your own header?

    1. you're welcome hun..for my own header, I used Adobe Photoshop :3

  5. Cute. I'll use one for my blog. :)

  6. I like your Header .. it's so help me =3

  7. i love your banner and i'd like to take one :)

  8. hi..i love your header..its cute..tq for sharing..n i used it for my blog..:)

  9. Ambil ya buat blogskins, ku taruh di credit kok!

  10. salam,

    Akak ambil satu header ya..

    terima kasi,
    dari Indon :)