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Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 7 & 8

Arang and The Magistrate Summaries of Episode 7 & 8

I took too long to post these two summaries because I was busy with my SPM trial which is a pretty (damn) important exam… since I am so lazy with typing considering I have lots of subjects to revise later on, I’ll keep my summary very freaking short. Okay I’ll just cut all the craps and move to the two summaries.

Episode 7

This episode is such a romantic episode and I kind of love it compared to other episodes. It allows Eun Oh-Arang relationship to develops more. And it is also full of creepiness. And mysteries (I hate this part)

-Eun Oh goes hunting talismans starting from the one sealed on the mass grave and comes to the last one which is hanging on a tree, right at the edge of a cliff. He yanks it and falls to the cliff. – at that mom feels a sudden pain asking the heaven whether it has begun (don’t know wtf she’s talking bout).
-the crystal ball shatters and the kings see the view of the mass grave in it
-Mu Young suspects that Eun Oh’s mom is his sister
-Arang finds Eun Oh lying on a ledge, way down the cliff. She uses a rope to get down and as she is about to fall, she is saved by the injured Eun Oh
-Dol Swe goes looking for his master
-Arang drags Eun Oh to a cave and tries to warm him by hugging him, but she can’t warm him because she is not human, so she isn’t warm at all
-demons escape when the seal is broken (the talisman thing)
-Dol Swe finds them at the ledge the next day, he holds out a rope to pull them up, Eun Oh first and then Arang. But on Arang’s turn, the rope snaps, and Arang dies AGAIN.
-Eun Oh tries to get her but collapses due to his injuries in the process
-Eun Oh’s mom asks Joo Wal to get close with Arang because she wants her (not about the soul thing anymore)
-Eun Oh’s mom releases her two trapped demon-reapers
-Dol Swe gets Eun OH treated while Joo Wal takes Arang to his house on a horse

Episode 2

Okay episode 2 is more creepy than episode 1, but as you’ve noticed, I have cut the creepy parts because I HATE THEM.

-Eun Oh wakes up and hurries to look for Arang
-Bang Wool accidentally meets Dol Swe again and this time it is not just her who’s smitten, but him too lol
-Eun Oh’s mom gives her demon-reapers swords to give them the power to steal souls from the real reapers, the souls will be her collection of armies
-Arang wakes up at Joo Wal’s house (which is Lord Choi’s house too) and is surprised to find no ghost around
-as Arang is about to discover Eun Oh’s mom’s (from now on I’ll just call her evil mom)) scary cave, she’s disturbed by Lord Choi
-Arang discovers that Joo Wal was her so called fiancé and is mad that Eun Oh did not tell her that since he knows it all about
-Eun Oh sees her and they argue. He is mad that she is with her while she is mad about him not telling her who Joo Wal is since as a ghost she did not know how Joo Wal looks like
-Joo Wal is asked by Evil Mom to steal Arang’s heat, so that he can bring Arang to her
-Joo Wal asks Arang out for a date, and she agrees because she is pissed off by Eun Oh
-Eun Oh meets Lord Choi due to his interference in the mass grave thing (Lord Choi want to close the case) (Eun Oh is starting to be like A REAL MAGISTRATE)

-okay done, my menstrual cramp is killing me here-

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