Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 9

Arang and The Magistrate episode 9 Summary

This episode is kind of nice and is less complex than the previous episodes (that is a good thing for my brain!). I’ll continue to summarize this drama till I get sick of it (terribly sick!). well for Nice Guy I am not so sure about that..

-Eun Oh faces Lord Choi for covering the mass grave and says that Lord Choi should not interfere with his job as a magistrate.
-Lord Choi answers him by saying that he is the one who should not act like a magistrate because he’s an illegitimate son who has no right to do so. He asks Eun Oh to step back if he does not want to dirty his dad’s name
-Arang and Joo Wal overhear this
-Arang defenses Eun Oh and Lord Choi tries to hit her but Eun Oh manages to catch his hand while Joo Wal swoops Arang away
-Joo Wal asks Eun Oh to let go of Lord Choi’s hand and they head back
-Dol  Swe brings Bang Wool to the residence to usher Arang away since he’s positive that Arang is not human
-Arang meets with Bang Wool and Bang Wool does not recognize her, she does not explain it too
-Arang and Eun Oh goes to see flowers
-Lord Choi’s men attack them on their way back
-Eun Oh fights them with his fan, while Arang watches
-the event is observed by Muyoung too
-turns out the reapers at the place are Eun Oh’s Mom’s reapers but Eun Oh manages to kill one of the reaper with his magic fan
-Eun Oh nags Arang for making him worry by leaving when he asks her to stay put
-Arang starts to see Eun Oh as a man and so do Eun Oh but they both deny it
-the next day, Joo Wal asks Arang to go out for a date, Eun Oh asks her not to but she refuses to listen to him because she want to investigate her death on her own
-Eun Oh tries to follow them but is stopped by a child whose father got tortured by Lord Choi
-He tries to dismiss the kid and walks away but he stops and looks back again after a few steps

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