Friday, September 28, 2012

Summary : Arang and The Magistrate Episode 14

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 14 Summary

Eun Oh pulls Arang away, leaving Joowal feeling devastated

Eun Oh confesses that he knows Arang is lying about her feelings, so he would just do whatever he want now. He will show her how he loves her.

He backhugs her and she says that he is leaving soon so he should not cling too much to her

Joowal asks whether he can have Arang’s heart because that way he can ive differently (instead of following Muyeon’s order)

Muyeon realizes that one of her jars are missing and sends her reapers to retrieve it

Eun Oh sleeps outside of Arang’s room so he could say to her that he won’t take back his words earlier about wanting to do whatever he wants, before Arang goes to avoid him again.

A few villagers come to the magistrate office, to be patrolmen, and Eun Oh orders Dol Swe to teach them how to fight

Lord Choi tells Muyeon that Arang is Lee Seo Rim, Joowal's ex fiancée. Muyeon decides to jut work with Lord Choi instead of Joowal because now he knows that Arang is seeking for a revenge

Bang Wool manages to open the jar, and a demon comes out from it. Eun Oh kills it with his fn.

Arang realizes that she is wanted by someone because she is immortal

Muyeon wonders what Eun Oh is

Eun Oh tell Arang that he learned how to fight ghosts and got the fan from his master

Eun Oh goes to Lord Choi’s house and is shocked to find his mom there.

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