Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Summary: Arang and The Magistrate episode 12

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 12

  • I am pretty lazy right now so I’ll give no comment on this episode. (it’s not like you’ll be bothered with reading it or what *sighs*)
  • Therefore, here goes episode 12
  • Eun Oh asks Joowal to tell his father that he can mess with him but do not touch Arang because he will make him pay for it
  • Muyeon tells Joowal to cut Arang off his heart
  • Arang worries about Eun h but when he asks her about it, she denies it
  • Eun Oh says he needs patrol officers to track Lord Choi’s movement since the place has no patrol officer
  • Arang provides him with ghosts, saying that he will have to help the ghosts in solving their murders as a pay
  • Eun Oh meets Lord Choi to ask him about the talisman he has which is the same a the talisman from the mass grave (from a few episodes ago) and Lord Choi goes with saying that the talisman is so old that he think the shaman who made them is dead
  • The ghosts cannot get into Lord Choi’s house because of the talisman 
  • Dol Swe finds out about Arang used to be a ghost, and Arang feels hurt when he calls her a ghost. Eun Oh tries to cheer her and she confesses that she is also sad that Joowal does not love Seorim (her in the past)
  • Eun Oh gives Arang the diary he found earlier. Arang finds out that it was her who were eager to marry Joowal because of love at first sight years ago
  • The night after that, it’s the full moon. Muyeon orders Joowal to kill Arang again but he cannot do so. He asks Muyeon why he cannot do it, so she says that it is because of a stupid thing called love. He lets him cry to himself.
  • Eun Oh confesses that he likes Arang. Arang lies that she does not feel the same way as him. He grabs her closer, saying that he is giving her another chance (to correct what she said).

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