Monday, September 24, 2012

Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 11

This episode is a compact episode. The highlights are a kiss, a death, a big secret, and a twist. Sounds interesting? I guess the former does *laughs*

Okay lets just move to episode 11 without further delay (delays suck!)

The Evil Muyeon figures out that Arang is sent to Earth to draw her out into the open but she knows that while she is in a human body, the two gods can’t touch her. She also knows that only Muyoung can stop her.

Muyoung pays Eun Oh a visit when he is sleeping. He finds his demon-slaying fan next to Eun Oh’s mom’s (which is also Muyoung sister) hairpin. He demands to know where did he get it but Eun Oh refuses to tell him further and only cares to tell him that it was Arang’s.

Later on Eun Oh tells Arang that he got it from his master to kill ghosts

Muyoung knows that the fan and the hairpin is a monk’s but he wonders what Eun Oh is. (cause he obviously isn’t a normal human being)

Arang asks Joowal about Seo Rim (her in the past) and gets disappointed when Joowal tells her that he does not know much about the girl and that he barely remembers her since their marriage was arranged by their parents

Eun Oh finds Seo Rim’s (Arang’s) journal and reads it

Arang and Bang Wool got kidnapped by Lord Choi and Eun Oh hurries to her rescue

Eun Oh gets outnumbered and just for Arang’s sake, he let himself got beaten. Arang begs him to fight back.

Joowal attacks one of Lord Choi’s men to free Arang and then runs quickly to hide his identity

Eun Oh starts to fight back and both Arang and Bang Wool get chased by some other Lord Choi’s men

Arang gets slashed in the throat to save Bang Wool

Eun Oh rushes to her side and screams for her to wake up

Eun Oh kisses her and she wakes up for a few seconds threatening that once she gets better they will talk about it

Bang Wool now knows who Arang is

Joowal watches the kiss from afar and he does not seem to like it

Eun Oh brings Arang home. He gets embarrassed when Bang Wool brings up about the kiss

Muyoung finds out that the evil woman was Muyeon, his sister who was once got kicked from heaven

Arang asks Eun Oh about the kiss and he defends himself by saying that it was a CPR. She says to never do that anymore after this.

Bang Wool and Dol Swe eat dinner together (cute!)

Eun Oh then goes out to pick Arang’s ordered dress which he got ordered for her on the earlier episode

They go for a walk.

It is then revealed from the Jade Emperor’s flashback that Eun Oh died when he was a little boy. The Jade Emperor saved him, saying that one day he will realize the connection. He says that it will be Eun Oh’s debt.

Eun Oh realizes that the talisman that he collected at the mass grave days before was the same as the talismans in Lord Choi’s house and goes to check it

Before he could meet Muyeon (his mom!), he gets stopped by Joowal

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