Friday, September 14, 2012

Summary: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 10

So here we are, at episode 10. the show seems to get better each episode but still I dislike the mystery part a lot. I'm not that into supernatural thing too. however since the show is pretty cute at times, I'll keep holding on lol. now lets move to episode 10!

-Eun Oh gets into his magistrate mode and meets Lord Choi to demand him to release the kid's father from the previous episode
-Lord Choi reluctantly agrees
-Joo Wal and Arang goes out for a date, they eat snacks and Joo Wal even buys her a new garments, but it is Eun Oh that keeps lingering in her mind as her measurements are taken
-Lord Choi asks the Bang Trio to get rid of Eun Oh (no need to worry, they are three idios who never get anyhing done properly)
-turns out the kid's father was imprisoned by Lord Choi because he is trying to cover his act of forcing the citizens to pay unforeseeable amount of taxes
-Eun Oh empties Lord Choi's store, allowing the citizens to get their stuff back (which they paid as the tax) and this makes Lord Choi go mad, he instructs the Bang Trio to bring Eun Oh's head to him
-Arang does not manage to ask Joo Wal about herself (as Lee Seo Rim) because she does not want to ruin their growing relationship
-Eun Oh says that she should not be so close with Joo Wal because he thinks Joo Wal is being insincere (He's jealous!)
-Arang asks him whether he likes her and he denies it
-Arang tells him not to like her because she has only two moons left on Earth
-Eun Oh scolds her for not telling him the important matter earlier
-Dol Swe treats Bang Wool nicely but she feels awkward because of his nice gesture, so she asks him to treat her just like he used to and not to speak up to her lol
-Eun Oh then takes Arang to buy anew clothes because he is jealous of hearing that Joo Wal has ordered a garment for her. he even pays the tailor lots of money so she won't finish Joo Wal's order lol (jealousy)
-in heaven, it's revealed that Eun Oh's mom, is actually Muyeon, Muyeong's sister who was once a fairy.
 -Eun Oh takes Arang to see flowers again, this time another place
-Arang asks him about his past and then they move to talk about what he will do once he finds his mother
-he says he is gonna live far away with her, just the two of them
-Arang seems to be sad, but smiles later on saying that she would be in heaven by the time

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