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Summary: Answer Me 1997 Episode 16

Answer Me 1997 Episode 16 Summary

So Answer Me 1997 ended recently… This show isn’t the all-powerful kind of show, just a timid one but believe me there is more than meet the eyes, because this show is so freaking sweet…………. So sweet that I’ve overdosed on the sweetness lol. And like the busy body blogger I am, I have decided to summarize the last episode, just for fun. It is nice to be able to do the summary for those who are looking forward to watching this but don’t feel like having too much spoilers… cause there will be no fun if you know every freaking thing that happens before watching it right? Lol whatever, it’s not like what I say really matters : D

Okay, here goes the cute (gotta name it cute because it is my favorite word, other than the word freaking lol) summary~


-Fall 2005: Yoonjae tries to get into Shiwon’s apartment for some “coffee” but is urged to go home by Shiwon
-So once Shiwon gets into her apartment, Yoonjae tries to decode her lock, only to find that she uses Tony Oppa’s birthday as the code (that’s heartbreakingly cute lol fangirl never dies)
- Shiwon serves him some real coffee and urges him to go home
-he refuses to do so unless she gives him a kiss so she gives him a quick peck at the mouth (but he does not want that kind of kiss lol)
-he then leans closer and kiss her for real (lol that’s what he wants)
-back to the present, the nurse asks who the baby’s father is and Yoonjae says it’s his
-Taewoong drops by just to say he wants to name the baby Yoon Seungho and goes back to work

-Inside the delivery room, Shiwon spends the whole time yanking Yoonjae’s hair, trying to give birth to her baby, (it is funny because she keeps on cursing him for causing her to be pregnant and suffering like that)
-they both cry (sweet parents!)
-back to the 2012 reunion, their friends tease them on having another baby
-and when asked about their dating days, Shiwon says that they do all the normal things couples do, which is simply denied by Yoonjae
-back to 2005: Shiwon gets better with their goodbye kiss, but remains a loyal fangirl of Tony Oppa, which makes Yoonjae jealous
-Shiwon also visits Yoonjae’s apartment for the first time and they cutely share a plate of food
-Yoonjae asks her whether the apartment is okay for a newlywed, saying firmly that he is NOT proposing her
-Shiwon then feels glad that Yoonjae isn’t proposing her using the lame romantic way people often use
-so he asks her whether she is going to marry him or not
-she remains silent so he threatens to kiss her ten times, if she does not answer in the count of three
-she casually says ‘okay’ but he still kisses her though saying that is what couple do (lol nice way to trick her)  
-Shiwon asks about Joonhee and demands to know whether he said anything on the day he left and Yoonjae simply says no
-flashback to the day Joonhee left, he says (to Yoonjae) that he is jealous of Taewoong who is so honest about his feelings (while he can’t be honest about his)
-he tells Yoonjae to do well in his work

-when Joonhee is about to head out of the apartment, he does not even look back but Yoonjae gives him a backhug and silent fills the scene*cries* (it’s hard for him to tell Yoonjae his feelings, but it’s just as hard for Yoonjae since he knows Joonhee’s feelings)

-Taewoong meets with the doctor who used to treat him at the hospital a DBSK’s concert and they starts getting closer
-and cut to the reunion, both brothers introduce their wives

-flashback to the meeting between Yoonjae-Shiwon and Taewoong-doc and they discuss about marriage, both Yoonjae and Shiwon says Taewoong and doc should get married first

-but then Shiwon accidentally gets pregnant and they have to get married first (lol that’s a twist)

-back to the 2012 reunion, a little girl shows up and calls Shiwon ‘mommy’, her grandma comments that she is like her mom too, a crazy fangirl too

-Shiwon’s mom fumes about Joonhee who is still not married yet

-Yoojung and Hakchan is getting married, and although Hakchan demands to know about her first love, Yoojung refuses to tell him that Yoonjae was her first love

-Sungjae remains single (lo so pity)

-Joonhee has someone who he is currently close to, (but the guy/girl isn’t revealed to us)

-when heading home, Yoonjae asks Shiwon again if he and Tony oppa fell in the water, which guy would she save first? She answers “You. Just you. Who else would I save before my husband?” and it makes him beams. (lol why so cute?)

-last flashback of their 1997 memories is the one where they take a group picture together,  and because of Shiwon’s prank on Yoonjae, he broke his arm
-last narration by Yoonjae ends the series
Yoon-jae (voiceover): It was fiery and pure, the time I long for. Do you hear me? If you hear me, answer, my ’90s Me.

OMG, it’s so freaking sad to have to leave this cute touching series. *cries* the casts and crew did a great job keeping me entertained for the past few weeks, this show will remain a sweet show to me and I’ll keep it forever in my heart. *going to take a few days to get over this heartwarming show*

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