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Summary : Arang and The Magistrate Episode 14

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 14 Summary

Eun Oh pulls Arang away, leaving Joowal feeling devastated

Eun Oh confesses that he knows Arang is lying about her feelings, so he would just do whatever he want now. He will show her how he loves her.

He backhugs her and she says that he is leaving soon so he should not cling too much to her

Joowal asks whether he can have Arang’s heart because that way he can ive differently (instead of following Muyeon’s order)

Muyeon realizes that one of her jars are missing and sends her reapers to retrieve it

Eun Oh sleeps outside of Arang’s room so he could say to her that he won’t take back his words earlier about wanting to do whatever he wants, before Arang goes to avoid him again.

A few villagers come to the magistrate office, to be patrolmen, and Eun Oh orders Dol Swe to teach them how to fight

Lord Choi tells Muyeon that Arang is Lee Seo Rim, Joowal's ex fiancée. Muyeon decides to jut work with Lord Choi instead of Joowal because now he knows that Arang is seeking for a revenge

Bang Wool manages to open the jar, and a demon comes out from it. Eun Oh kills it with his fn.

Arang realizes that she is wanted by someone because she is immortal

Muyeon wonders what Eun Oh is

Eun Oh tell Arang that he learned how to fight ghosts and got the fan from his master

Eun Oh goes to Lord Choi’s house and is shocked to find his mom there.

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Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 13

 Arang and The Magistrate Episode 13 Summary

Eun Oh asks Arang whether it is true that she does not feel the same way as he does and Arang answers yes, holding her tears

Eun Oh tries to act like everything is all fine and the next morning, she buys a pair of shoes for her

Lord Choi finally finds out what Muyeon and Joowal is up to (about getting Arang’s body to stay alive forever)

Muyoung gets a dagger from Jade Emperor and is rdered to kill Muyeon but because he loves her, he cannot do it

Eun Oh manages to enter Muyeon’s lair while she Is out and steals one of her jars of reapers

Eun Oh then catches Joowal holding Arang’s hand. After he left, Arang simply lies that she was alone all the time.

But then in his room he confesses to her that it hurts to see her with Joowal. She says nothing to him.

Eun Oh brings the jar to Bang Wool and she tries to find out about it.

Arang plans on going to Lord Choi’s house to check on her ghosts patrolmen who seem to have disappeared but Eun Oh blocks her way.

Arang asks why he is avoiding her. Eun Oh tell her that although he tries to ignore it, his heart aches every time he sees her, so he is avoiding her.

Joo Wal comes to see Arang but Eun Oh tells him he cannot let her go, so Joowal should just get lost.

The cliffhanger:  the three of them standing there. Eun Oh is staring at Joowal and Joowal stares at him back. Arang watches them.

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Summary: Nice Guy Episode 6

Nice Guy Episode 6 Summary

This episode is nice. Eunki falls more in love with Maru while Maru is kind of manipulating her feelings.

Starting from the last episode.

Maru kisses Eunki passionately but it is clear from his eyes that while Eunki really loves him, he does not feel the same way for her.

Maru says in voiceover that his beginning was Jaehee and his ending will be her too.

Eunki gets kicked out of the house by her dad. Joonha offers her his credit card but she refuses to accept it.

Jaehee kisses Maru and Maru takes their pic while kissing

Eunki goes to meet Maru and he asks her to stay with him (in front of Jaehee on phone)

Joonha shows Eunki the picture of Lawyer Ahn kissing Jaehee

Eunki gets drunk and asks Maru what has he done to her because he is driving her insane.

Maru talks to the drunken Eunki and asks her whether she wants to stop being used. He is giving her only one chance to do so. But the next morning when Eunki asks him about the question, he brushes her off.

Joonha calls Eunki and Maru answers his call and tells him that he is Eunki’s boyfriend
Joonha finds out that Maru is the same guy that used to date Jaehee.

Jaegil got hurt because of Jaehee’s brother who is attacking him asking where Jaehee is.

Joonha gives Eunki a file.

On her way to Maru’s house, Eunki meets a woman who asks her to pass a frame to Maru. She takes a look at it and is shocked to see the picture of Maru and Jaehee in it on Jaehee’s graduation day.

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Summary: Nice Guy Episode 5

So this episode is the best episode so far for me (lol it just gets better and better with time). this episode shows some nice moments involving our two leads. and guess what? they also..... oh just read it already and stop reading this stupid rant lol.

  • Maru with the help of Jaegil managed to draft some plan for Eunki to win her fight, before the last scene in episode 4 where he threw Eunki into the water.
  • Eunki is surprised that he comes for her and he coolly says it is because he misses her
  • after breakfast, Maru touches her with his research on the project to help Eunki
  • Maru gives her a goodluck kiss on the forehead beofre she goes to fight Jaehee
  • Jaehee holds the contract signing with the buyers of the Aomori resort earlier than planned
  • Eunki tears the contract apart and Jaehee simply says to the buyers that she is mentally unstable
  • Eunki threatens to report that to her father and Jaehee simply says she can do nothing because Jaehee is no longer just Han Jaehee, she is more powerful than that
  • Eunki plans to leave the meeting but then Maru calls demanding to talk to the buyers. he had done a research on them and reveals that they are businessman with bad business history
  • The buyers cancel the plan to buy the resort
  • Maru and Eunki decides to meet again for a date the afternoon
  • Jaegil is found by his father's man (his father is looking for him) and he says that he is no longer his father's son
  • that afterrnoon, Jaehee calls MAru and asks him to meet her
  • Eunki gets dressed and even wears make up for the date
  • at first he refuses to but he comes to meet her near the river to hear what she has to say
  • Eunki waits for him at a bridge
  • Jaehee tries to talk Maru into running away with her (which I am not sure true or just a plain lie)
  • he ignores her and leaves after Jaehee 10 minutes is over
  • but he turns back when he hears a splash and sees that Jaehee has jumped into the river
  • he nervously tries to save her and manage to do so
  • Joonha finds out about Jaehee's kiss with secretary Ahn from the cctv
  • Maru brings Jaehee to a room and then decides to leave
  • she wakes up and says that she will return to him but not now so he will have to wait first
  • Secretary Ahn waits for Jaehee outside the room
  • Maru walks out and sees that the place is in the middle of a festival and remembers his date with Eunki
  • he searches for her at the bridge and fnds her sleeping
  • Eunki says that she waited for him because she beieves that he will come no matter what
  • he asks her about putting her make up and she admits that it was the first time she did it
  • Eunki tries to rant more but Maru shuts her up with a kiss (swoon!)

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Cute Twitter / Blogger Backgrounds for You guys

I'm such a nice person, therefore I'm sharing what I have found on Google with you guys... these pic may be small in size but believe me, when you arrange them in tiles, they will look super cute c:

Just right click them to download it~

Recap: Nice Guy Episode 3

Nice Guy Recap Episode 3

Wah so I survive episode ni jugak… tahniah kepada I k… (dah orang tak nak puji, terpaksa I puji diri sendiri, it may sound weird but admit it, you do this too right? Lol)
To me this episode is pretty cute, comel bak kata google translate… moment pertemuan Eunki dan Maru starts episode ni. Dan the evilness of Jaehee makin menjadi-jadi episode ni…okay, tak nak cakap banyak dah, terus ke episode 3 je k…

[tak payah nak merungut-rungut pasal I punya bahasa k, I dah cuba sehabis baik guna bahasa yang paling tepat… tapi kalau nak bagi nasihat membina boleh je komen kat bawah… J ]

Episode 3 ni bermula dengan imbas kembali peristiwa sebelum cliffhanger episode lepas. Eunki cuba untuk mengajak para pekerjanya berbincang sementera mereka mendesaknya meletakkan jawatan sebagai pengarah esekutif syarikat tu. Last last dia kena baling dengan telur… (kesiannn). 

Ketika dia mencuci rambutnya, suara Maru kedengaran (macam yang voiceover tu lah) menyenaraikan perwatakan Eunki. “Eunki merupakan waris utama perusahaan Kumpulan Taesan dan sekarang ini berkhidmat sebagai Pengarah Esekutif kumpulan tu. Dia seorang yang kasar, sombong, cerewet dan dingin. Dia tidak mempunyai sebarang kawan dan sebarang hobi. Shopping, wayang, muzium, dan bermain golf…itulah gaya hidup sosialnya. Satu-satunya hobi Eunki ialah motorbiking (baha melayu apa ek?)

Eunki kemudiannya mengeluarkan patung barbienya dan melemparkan sebuah senyuman dengan lembut kearah patung itu dan mengajaknya untuk sama-sama menunggang motorbikenya. (she’s that lonely?!)

Sementara Maru menunggang motorbikenya, penghujung pertemuan antara Jaehee dan Maru di balai polis sebelumnya dipaparkan. Maru yang pada mulanya membisu membuka mulutnya untuk bertanya kepada Jaehee bagaimanakah keadaannya di dunia (gaya hidup glamor dan mewah) di mana Jaehee sedang hidup. Dia membahasakan Jaehee sebagai ‘Puan’ dan bertanya bagaimanakah gaya hidup Jaehee sehinggakan dia sanggup memerangkap lelaki yang tak bersalah dan memusnahkannya, membuatkannya hilang kerasionallannya dan menghancurkan keinginannya untuk hidup.

Jaehee tidak menjawab soalan Maru tetapi sebaliknya menyoal Maru kembali. Apakah seorang sepertimu akan mampu untuk membayangkannya? (honestly this woman really need to get down back to Earth!)

Kita seterusnya kembali ke scene di mana Eunki hampir jatuh ke jurang. Maru Berjaya menarik Eunki naik semula namun Eunki berusaha untuk kebawah semula untuk mendapatkan motosikalnya. Maru menganggap Eunki gila kerana cuba untuk mendapatkan kembali motosikal itu dengan susah payahnya sedangkan motosikal itu boleh diukar ganti. Maru cuba untuk menariknya kembaali secara paksa namun dia menangis mengatakan bahawa patungya ada di bawah sana. Dia menangis dan menjerit meyebut perkataan ‘emak’ (in Korea lah.. lol).

Maru akhirnya memahami tindakan Eunki dan menawarkan diri untuk mengambilnya untuknya. Dia menuruni jurang itu menggunakan tali, namun apabila dia mencapai patung itu dan menunjukkannya kepada Eunki, tali itu tiba-tiba putus menyebabkannya jatuh.

Di hospital, Eunki menunggu dengan agak cemas di ruangan menunggu. Seorang doctor kemudiannya keluar mengatakan bahawa Maru telah mengalami kecederaan sedikit pada kakinya dan tulang rusuknya patah. Namun dia akan baik-baik sahaja. Apabila diatnya tentang hubugan mereka, Eunki menyatakan bahawa dia tidak mengenali Maru. (ingat tak time kat plane tu Maru selamatkan dia? Time tu dia tak sedarkan diri so inilah kali pertama dia jumpa face-to-face dengan si Maru ni)

Maru sedang tidur berehat di dalam biliknya. Sewaktu bangun, dia mendapati bahawa Eunki sedang merenunginya dan perkataan pertama yang keluar sari mulutnya ialah mengenai Maru memunyai motif tersendiri dalam menyelamatkannya. Dia merasakan mungkin Maru menolongnya untuk mendapatkan sebarang wang darippadanya. Maru yang sepertinya sudah sanga mengetahui tentang sikap Eunki ini bertanya kepadanya, adakah ibu bapanya telah mengajarnya untuk kekal keras kepala dan bersifat dingin apabila dia berasa berterima kasih kerana sepatutnya Eunki berterima kasih kepadanya atas apa yang telah dilakukannya.

Maru mengajarnya bahawa jika dia berasa berterima kasih, dia patut mengucapkan ‘terima kasih’ dan apabila dia telah melakukan kesilapan, dia patut meminta maaf. Dia mengatakan bahawa ibu bapanya bukanlah orang yang terpelajar namun mereka mengajarnya tentang adab dengan baik. Eunki tampak erkejut sengan teguran itu. Maru seterusnya mengatakan bahawa dia melakukan apa yang telah dilakukannya atas kehendaknya sendiri, maka bermula dari sekarang, mereka patut berpura-pura bahawa mereka saling tiak mengenali. Dia menghalau Eunki keluar kerana dia ingin berehat. Dia berjalan keluar sedikit terhincut dan mengingat kembali saat Maru menyelamatkan patungnya. Dia ragu-ragu akan kebenaran kata-kata Maru. (tak logic kan kalau someone selamatkan kita camtu je?)

Jaehee mengimbas kembali pertengkaran di antara Eunki dan Pengerusi Seo. Rupa-rupanya dia telah mencri dengar perbuaan mereka sebelumnya. Dia tersenyum mendengar bahawa Pengerusi Seo bercadang untuk menggantikan kedudukan Eunki dengannya dan anaknya, Eunsuk. Dia tersenyum dan memeluk Eunsuk, memberitahunya bahawa sekarang ini mereka merupakan pewaris harta Pengerusi Seo. (I. Hate. This. Evil. Woman. Period.) dia memberitahu Eunsuk bahawa dia perlu berusaha untuk menguasai semuanya dan tidak membiarkan sesiapapun merampas apa yang menjadi miliknya.

Seorang lagi peguam keluarga Seo, Peguam Ahn memerhatikan Jaehee dari jauh. Keihatnnya seperti pandangan itu sangat bermakna. Dia tahu bahawa Joonha sedang menyelidik tentang masa lampau Jaehee dan Maru daripada Sekreteri Jo, sekreteri keluarga itu. Dia memastikan bahawa Sekretari Jo berada di pihak Jaehee. Sektretari Jo enggan bekerjasama dengan Joonha dan berpura-pura tidak mengetahui hubungan Maru dan Jaehee. Namun Joonha jelas kelihatan ragu-ragu dengan kenyataan beliau.

Dalam satu makan malam di rumahnya, Eunki pula kelihatannya gagal melenyapkan Maru daripada kepalanya. Dia masih memikirkan siapakah sebenarnya lelaki yang bernama Maru itu. Makan malam itu seperti biasanya turut disertai kedua-dua peguam keluarga itu. Peguam Ahn kemudiannya mendapat panggilan daripda seorang doctor yang mengatakan bahawa Eunki telah disahkan sebagai penderma organ kepada Pengerusi Seo yang kurang sihat. 

Pengerusi Seo pula bertindak menghina niatnya untuk membantu dengan mengatakan bahawa dia tidak patut sibuk hendak membantunya memandangkan dia sendiri pun mempunyai banyak masalah (dengan protes daripada pekerja syarikatnya yang ingin mengusirnya keluar daripada syarikat itu)

Jaehee yang sedar bahawa tindakan Eunki yang cuba untuk menderma organnya kepada Pengerusi Seo adalah untuk tujuan berbaik-baik dengan Pengerusi Seo. Dia pun dengan pura-puranya menyokong kata-kata Pengerusi Seo, mengatakan bahawa Eunki patut mendengar kata-kata Pengerusi Seo. Nada suaranya lembut, seperti seorang ibu lagaknya. (however, she is too young to be Eunki’s mom!)

Bagi kepentingan dirinya sendiri, Jaehee cuba untuk memanipulasi keadaan itu. Dia mengatakan bahawa Eunki ialah satu-satunya anak Pengerusi Seo yang akan mewarisi syarikatnya, maka dia sepatutnya mengambil berat akan kesihatannya. Kata-kta kedengaran seperti benar kepada Pengerusi Seo namun semua yang ada tahu bahawa dia hanya ingin kelihatan baik di hadapan Pengerusi Seo.

Untuk menambahkan lagi perasa ke atas lakonannya, Jaehee menyatakan bahawa dia ingin melakukan ujian penderma organ juga untuk menjadi penderma organ kepada Pengerusi Seo memandangkan keadaan kesihatan Eunki kurang baik. Lagipun, dia merasakan bahwa berbanding Eunki, dirinya tidaklah terlalu berharga. (OMG, I am throwing a jug of water in your face!).dia kemudiannya menaawarkan diri untuk memotong steak buat Pengerusi Seo. Eunki jelas menyampah dengan sikap kepura-puraannya.

Pengerusi Seo kelihatan terpedaya dengan taktik Jaehee dan cuba untuk memasukkan namanya sebagai pemilik sebuah pusat membeli belah yang akan dilancarkan syarikat mereka. Jaehee dengan lembutnya berpura-pura menolak mengatakan bahwa dia hanya melakukan apa yang sepatutnya sebagai seorang isteri. Dia turut menyatakan bahawa Pengerusi Seo tidak perlu membayar nilai kasih sayangnya. (I feel like I want to throw up right now!)
(OHH…… I hate this fox! Someone please give her a high five in the face, with a freaking flower pot!)

Eunki kemudiannya mendapat tahu bahawa ayahnya akan berkahwin secara rasmi dengan Jaehee dan sebuah majlis pernikahan yang meriah akan diadakan bagi memperkenalkan Jaehee. Dia kemudiannya menemui semula patung barbienya yang telah jatuh bersama dengan Maru awalnya.Dia merenung patung barbienya dan teringat akan saat di mana ibunya memberikannya patung itu sebelum melangkah keluar dari rumah itu.

 Dulu Pengerusi Seo pernah merampas semua anak patungnya tapi ibunya telah Berjaya menyelamatkan satu patung untuknya. Ketika ingin pergi, ibunya telah mengajaknya untuk ikut sama namun dia enggan. Dia ingin bertahan di rumah itu untuk menang dan menghancurkan sesiapa sahaja di bawahnya. Dia tidak ingin menjadi seperti ibunya yang melarikan diri dan mengaku kalah begitu sahaja. Dia ingin menang. (to fight her cruel dad I guess).

Setiausahanya memaklumkan Eunki bahawa Maru teah meninggalkan patung itu di situ buatnya dan Maru juga enggan menerima hadiah pemberiannya (sebagai tanda berterima kasih menyelamatkannya). Eunki kemudiannya bercadang untuk ke hospital untuk menemui Maru namun Maru telah pun keluar dari hospital.

Maru yang telah berada di kawasan perumahannya mendapat satu pesanan ringkas daripada Choco yang mengatakan bahawa dia akan pergi tinggal bersama dengan ibu kandungnya. (Choco dan Maru berkongsi ayah, namun mempunyai berlainan ibu). Maru cuba menghubungi Choco namun gagal.

Jaehee mengekori Maru ke rumahnya namun peguam Ahn menghalangnya untuk menemui Maru. Di dalam rumahnya, Maru menemui Jaegil yang sedang menikmati spa bersama teman wanitanya. Teman wanitanya lalu terpikat dengan Maru namun Jaegil bertindak mengatakan bahawa Maru menarik hanyalah kerana pembedahan plastic. 

Ketika melangkah keluar dari rumah itu, Maru tidak menemui Jaehee namun sebaliknya dia menemui Eunki. Eunki merungut bahawa dia tidak pernah menghampiri kawasan perumahan yang teruk seperti itu. Namun akhirnya sedar bahawa kata-katanya seakan-akan menghina Maru. Dia memaklumkan Maru bahawa dia tidak bermaksud untuk menghina Maru. (I love the fact that Eunki is so freaking honest with her feelings while Jaehee is the kind of woman who is so freaking secretive and terribly manipulative. I hope the former will win this fight in the end.)

Maru kemudiannya mengejutkannya dengan bertanya apakah Eunki berminat dengannya (aka menyukainya). Eunki menafikannya dan mengatakan bahawa dia kesitu kerana dia tidak ingin berasa terhutang budi dengan Eunki. Maru mendekatinya dan berkata bahawa Eunki tidak perlu risau dengan hutang budinya kerana Maru tidak berniat untuk memintanya membalas budinya. Maru kemudiannya melangkah masuk ke dalam keretanya.

Maru kemudiannya mendapat sebuah panggilan daripada Choco yang mengadu betapa kejamnya ibunya kepadanya.  Dia mempunyai kesssan lebam di mukanya dihujung talian. Dia sedang dikejar seorang lelaki. (suami kepada ibunya). 

Eunki melompat masuk ke dalam kereta itu sebelum sempat Maru memandu pergi. (she’s quick lol). Eunki memarahi Maru kerana bersikap kasar dengannya. Dia menawarkan untuk menyertai Maru dalam perjalanannya untuk mendapatkan Choco kerana dia ingin memarahi Maru. 

Maru memandu keretanya dengan laju namun Eunki tidak sedikitpun berasa takut.

Mereka berterusan berengkar lidah di dalam kereta yang dipandu Maru. Maru memberi amaran kepada Eunki bahwa mereka hanya akan apat balik semula ke Seoul esok dan dia tidak akan singgah di mana-mana untuk berehat. Eunki kekal dengan ingin mengikuti Maru. Dia ingin Maru menerima hadiah pemberiannya yang telah ditolak Maru sebelumnya. Maru menolak sekali lagi pemberian itu.

Eunki geram dan bertanya apakah Maru menginginkan lebih banyak daripada itu. Maru menjawabnya dengan bertanya apakah dia akan memberikan lebih lagi kepadanya sekiranya dia meminta sesuatu yang 100 kali lebih berharga dari hadiah itu. Eunki menjawabnya dengan berkata bahawa Maru patut menjalnkan pemeriksaan ke atas kepalanya. (he is insane to ask that). Maru kemudiannya berterusan mengganggu ketenangan Eunki dengan mengatakan bahaw sejak kemalangan itu, dia telah berubah. Dia kini terpesona melihat Eunki. Dia mengatakan bahwa sebelum kemalangan itu, Eunki bukanlah jenis perempuan yang disukainya. Dia menjelaskan bahwa kini dia tertarik dengan perempuan yang panas baran, cerewet…. Seperti Eunki. (lol that is a cute twist). Eunki kelihaan terkejut dengan  kenyataan Maru.

Seluruh perjalanan selepas itu diisi dengan kesenyapan. Eunki memerhatikan Maru manakala Maru kekal dengan ekspresi kosongnya. Setelah tiba di kawasan desa yang dituju, Maru mengarahkan Eunki untuk pulang dengan menaiki bas balik ke Seoul.

Eunki enggan berbuat demikian dan mengekori Maru menemui Choco. Maru berhenti di sebuah gerai minuman di mana seorang wanita sedang disoal oleh suaminya yang sedang mencari Choco. Dia kelihatan seperti telah didera oleh suaminya juga.lelaki itu geram kerana Choco telah melaporkannya kepada pihak polis atas dakwaan melakukan penderaan. 

Lelaki itu ingin memukul isterinya namun Maru mula masuk campur. Maru Berjaya mengalahkan lelaki itu dalam pergelutan mereka.

si isteri bagaimanapun mempertahankan suaminya dan mula memukul Maru.

Eunki kelihatan seperti cuba untuk membantu Maru namun Choco tiba, menghalang niatnya. Choco menahan ibunya daripada memukul Maru. (Honestly, I think her mom is an idiot who loves her husband way too stupidly!). Eunki kemudiannya cuba menceriakan Maru dengan gaya acuh tak acuhnya dengan mengatakan bahawa Maru kelihatan hebat ketika melawan lelaki itu. (lol she refers him as ‘cool’, why so cute?)

Ibu Choco (dengan bodohnya!) mengatakan bahawa Choco sepatutnya menerima sahaja pukulan ayah tirinya kerana dia merasakan bahawa pukulan yang diterima tidaklah teruk sangat. (honestly, I think this woman has been beaten on her head way too often that she has lost her ability to think straight!). menambahkan luka di hati Choco, ibunya mengatakan bahawa dia lebih rela memiih suaminya (si kaki pukul tu) berbanding dengan  Choco (anak perempuannya). Dia mengheet Choco kearah Maru an mengaakan bahwa Choco patut tinggal bersama Maru bagi meringankan bebannya.

*side note. Maru dan Choco bukan adik beradik kandung, diorang Cuma berkongsi ayah je. (ntah bape kali nak ulang bende nih)

Maru geram dengan kata-kata ibu Choco namun dia cuba mengawal perasaannya. Selepas Choco beredaar untuk mendapatkan begnya, si ibu berpesan kepada Maru agar menghubunginya sekiranya Choco berkahwin kelak. Maru dengan nada menahan marah memberitahunya bahwa dia tidak akan pernah menghubunginya. Si ibu kelihatan tenang sahaja menelan kata-kata Maru namun setelah memusingkan badannya, kelihatan dia sangat sedih dengan kata-kata itu. Eunki sekadar memerhatikan masalah keluarga itu, masih enggan ikut campur. (beside that it’s really none of her business to begin with lol)

*okay, sampai sini korang teka dululah apa maksud pics ni k*
*mata ngantuk dah so taknak recap dulu, nantilah time free I continue k?*

Summary: Arang and The Magistrate episode 12

Arang and The Magistrate Episode 12

  • I am pretty lazy right now so I’ll give no comment on this episode. (it’s not like you’ll be bothered with reading it or what *sighs*)
  • Therefore, here goes episode 12
  • Eun Oh asks Joowal to tell his father that he can mess with him but do not touch Arang because he will make him pay for it
  • Muyeon tells Joowal to cut Arang off his heart
  • Arang worries about Eun h but when he asks her about it, she denies it
  • Eun Oh says he needs patrol officers to track Lord Choi’s movement since the place has no patrol officer
  • Arang provides him with ghosts, saying that he will have to help the ghosts in solving their murders as a pay
  • Eun Oh meets Lord Choi to ask him about the talisman he has which is the same a the talisman from the mass grave (from a few episodes ago) and Lord Choi goes with saying that the talisman is so old that he think the shaman who made them is dead
  • The ghosts cannot get into Lord Choi’s house because of the talisman 
  • Dol Swe finds out about Arang used to be a ghost, and Arang feels hurt when he calls her a ghost. Eun Oh tries to cheer her and she confesses that she is also sad that Joowal does not love Seorim (her in the past)
  • Eun Oh gives Arang the diary he found earlier. Arang finds out that it was her who were eager to marry Joowal because of love at first sight years ago
  • The night after that, it’s the full moon. Muyeon orders Joowal to kill Arang again but he cannot do so. He asks Muyeon why he cannot do it, so she says that it is because of a stupid thing called love. He lets him cry to himself.
  • Eun Oh confesses that he likes Arang. Arang lies that she does not feel the same way as him. He grabs her closer, saying that he is giving her another chance (to correct what she said).

Monday, September 24, 2012

Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 11

This episode is a compact episode. The highlights are a kiss, a death, a big secret, and a twist. Sounds interesting? I guess the former does *laughs*

Okay lets just move to episode 11 without further delay (delays suck!)

The Evil Muyeon figures out that Arang is sent to Earth to draw her out into the open but she knows that while she is in a human body, the two gods can’t touch her. She also knows that only Muyoung can stop her.

Muyoung pays Eun Oh a visit when he is sleeping. He finds his demon-slaying fan next to Eun Oh’s mom’s (which is also Muyoung sister) hairpin. He demands to know where did he get it but Eun Oh refuses to tell him further and only cares to tell him that it was Arang’s.

Later on Eun Oh tells Arang that he got it from his master to kill ghosts

Muyoung knows that the fan and the hairpin is a monk’s but he wonders what Eun Oh is. (cause he obviously isn’t a normal human being)

Arang asks Joowal about Seo Rim (her in the past) and gets disappointed when Joowal tells her that he does not know much about the girl and that he barely remembers her since their marriage was arranged by their parents

Eun Oh finds Seo Rim’s (Arang’s) journal and reads it

Arang and Bang Wool got kidnapped by Lord Choi and Eun Oh hurries to her rescue

Eun Oh gets outnumbered and just for Arang’s sake, he let himself got beaten. Arang begs him to fight back.

Joowal attacks one of Lord Choi’s men to free Arang and then runs quickly to hide his identity

Eun Oh starts to fight back and both Arang and Bang Wool get chased by some other Lord Choi’s men

Arang gets slashed in the throat to save Bang Wool

Eun Oh rushes to her side and screams for her to wake up

Eun Oh kisses her and she wakes up for a few seconds threatening that once she gets better they will talk about it

Bang Wool now knows who Arang is

Joowal watches the kiss from afar and he does not seem to like it

Eun Oh brings Arang home. He gets embarrassed when Bang Wool brings up about the kiss

Muyoung finds out that the evil woman was Muyeon, his sister who was once got kicked from heaven

Arang asks Eun Oh about the kiss and he defends himself by saying that it was a CPR. She says to never do that anymore after this.

Bang Wool and Dol Swe eat dinner together (cute!)

Eun Oh then goes out to pick Arang’s ordered dress which he got ordered for her on the earlier episode

They go for a walk.

It is then revealed from the Jade Emperor’s flashback that Eun Oh died when he was a little boy. The Jade Emperor saved him, saying that one day he will realize the connection. He says that it will be Eun Oh’s debt.

Eun Oh realizes that the talisman that he collected at the mass grave days before was the same as the talismans in Lord Choi’s house and goes to check it

Before he could meet Muyeon (his mom!), he gets stopped by Joowal

Summary: Nice Guy Episode 4

this summary is pretty late because I have been so busy with my lame life so I couldn't focus on this one, but here goes episode 4

  • Jaehee warns Eunki about not getting too involved and fooled by Maru but Eunki says she does not care since she has experienced Jaehee, there is nothing worse than that
  • Jaehee warns her that she will be the one who is hurt in the end
  • Choco goes for a singing audition and couldn't sing, however she manages to sing when she pulls out a picture of Jaegil on her phone (she still fails the audition though)
  • Joonha goes to Jaehee's old neighborhood to ask around about her but the neighbors are paid to lie about not knowing her by Lawyer Ahn
  • Chairman Seo says that he doesn't trust women but Lawyer Ahn (and himself) assure him that Jaehee is a trustworthy woman
  • Maru agrees to go for a so called date with Eunki and shows up in front of her and Jaehee
  • Maru and Jaehee pretend like they don't really know each other
  • Eunki tells Jaehee not to be jealous because she is about to be a married woman (marrying her father)
  • Maru says he was a huge fan of Jaehee when she was an anchorwoman but when she thanks him, he says not anymore (I love this one lol)
  • Chairman Seo arrives and invites Maru for brunch (Eunki introduces him as her boyfriend)
  • Chairman Seo asks about Maru's past and Jaehee is nervous that the bean will be spilled
  • but Maru keeps a sealed mouth on the part where he got imprisoned, refusing to answer any further question from Chairman Seo
  • Chairman Seo scolds Eunki for not knowing Maru's past but Eunki says it doesn't matter, she only cares about their present and future together
  • Eunki then retorts that Chairman Seo himself don't even know what a bad person he is really marrying
  • Chairman Seo throws a glass of water in Eunki's face and threatens to write her name off the will
  • Chairman Seo asks Jaehee to get rid of Maru as Eunki's mom (right in front of Maru himself)
  • Chairman Seo leaves and Eunki goes after him, leaving Maru and Jaehee alone
  • Maru tells Jaehee that no matter how great her life is, he will bring her down to Earth
  • Eunki waits for Maru outside, and says she loves Maru and her love confession is pretty much welcomed by Maru (I don't know whether it is true or not, because both are pretty manipulative so you decide yourself okay?)
  • Eunki asks for a goodbye handshake, but Maru says to go with a kiss, sometime later and she agrees
  • Choco is jealous of Jaegil's girlfriend (cute!)
  • some time has passed and Eunki got fired from her job as Taesan group's executive Director by that, Eunki is pissed off
  • Eunki tries to keep a resort in Aomori (the place is precious to her) while Chairman Seo instructs Jaehee to sell it to raise some funds
  • Choco asks Maru to forget about Jaehee and just be with the one he loves, giving Eunki as an example
  • Eunki calls Maru from the Aomori resort, wanting to meet him
  • she says that it is possible that she will lose everything but Maru he doesn't care, asking if he has found a place for them to kiss
  • Maru overhears/hears Jaehee asking Eunki to stay low and not try to fight her
  • Eunki haven't found a way to beat JAehee but she refuses to give up
  • she falls asleep while trying to come up with a plan
  • the next morning, she got thrown into a river by none other but Maru, he tells her "lets kill them all"
Oh, cool.

*note that the two leads are pretending to love each other, but sometimes I don't know if they are pretending or being real*