Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recap: The Princess' Man Episode 1

The Princess' Man episode 1 Recap

Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung

Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo

Song Jong Ho as Shin Myun Hong

Soo Hyun as Princess Kyung Hye

Lee Min Woo as Jung Jong

Kim Young Chul as Prince Suyang (later King Sejo)

Lee Soon Jae as Kim Jong Seo

An introduction:

This drama presents the forbidden love story between Kim Seung Yoo (Park Sihoo) and Lee Seryung (Moon Chae Won). It is touted as Korean version of Romeo and Juliet. Kim Seung Yoo is the youngest son of Councilor Kim Jong Seo (Lee Soon Jae) and Lee Seryung is the oldest and most beloved daughter of Prince Suyang (Kim Young Chul). Kim Jong Seo and Prince Suyang are sworn enemies. (but in my opinion this drama is way better than the old version of the love story because the misunderstandings aren’t that stupid J). Well besides the main couple, there is also another beautiful couple, Princess Kyung-hye (Soo Hyun) and Jeong Jong (Lee Min Woo). Believe me, this drama is extraordinarily awesome, and you should watch it, no further delay! (don’t be deceived by the title; Seryung is not a princess but then she gets the title because her father becomes the king and Seung Yoo is meant to be the real princess (Princess Kyung-hye) ’s husband, but the marriage got cancelled)

I think episode 1 is such a beautifully crafted episode. The scenes are pretty and the characters seem to be just perfect for their roles. Although some people think that this first episode is excessively slow, I find that the production crew did a great job delivering it with nice scenes.  Well I can’t blame them for not knowing how to appreciate such a great piece right?

Now let us go straight to episode 1 without further delay! (Note that I will ramble some idiotic thoughts of mine along the way)

Episode 1 opens with a scene where Seung Yoo is bleeding, riding his horse through the dark night towards an unknown place. A few horse riders are after him. There are dead people bleeding everywhere, even if they are fighting hard for their lives; they end up getting killed too.

1453, Gyeyu Rebellion - Prince Suyang conspires against his political rivals and gains control of the court.

The Hanseong Bureau Prefect (Police Leader), Shin Myun goes to see Prince Suyang. He tells Prince Suyang that Seung Yoo has been released.

Prince Suyang: I trust he didn't realize that you did it on purpose?!
Shin Myun: I am sure he did not, Your Highness.
Prince Suyang: Confident in your long-lasting friendship, he must have run to his father's aid. And like a beacon in the dark, he will lead us to Kim Jong Seo.

Shin Myun does not seem as excited as Prince Suyang does about this. (I hope it is a sign of guiltiness…he is your friend, do not betray him!)

Meanwhile, Seung Yoo reaches his destination and his servant greets him with “Young Master”. He ignores the greet by asking rudely the servant to get out of his way. (I am fine with that impoliteness considering how terrible the situation is). Seung Yoo rushes to his father, Kim Jong Seo who seems badly injured. Kim Jong Seo says that he is fine and that he needs Seung Yoo’s help to help him because he wants to head to the board of military affairs.

However, as Seung Yoo helps him up, Shin Myun’s men (which obviously are Prince Suyang’s men too), attack everyone at the residence.

Seung Yoo tries to fight all of them but fails because they outnumber him. Kim Jong Seo is attacked too, and being so injured he is, he falls to the ground, not far from where Seung Yoo falls. Both of them hold out their hands to reach each other, but fail.

Kim Jong Seo:  Suyang! Even demise shan't quell my vengeful wrath!
Seung Yoo: Father...

And at that Kim Jong Seo dies. Seung Yoo screams “Father!!!” but he’s not answering him anymore. (OMG, this is so sad… give me a piece of tissue). 

Seung Yoo lies on the ground and from his sad eyes, we are shown his flashbacks of Kim Jong Seo, Prince Suyang and Seryung.

*sighs* the prologue just harmed my eyes with its sad scenes.

 One year earlier…

Seryung sneaks to a stable and eyes a horse suspiciously. She pats the horse complimenting it. “Just this once, all right? One, two, three…” 

She gets on the horse for a split second before she falls to the ground, jolted by the horse. (what a mean horse, I don’t like you). Yeori, Seryung’s servant, comes running to her. She nervously asks her whether she is hurt again, implying that Seryung has been hurt because of the same thing before.

Yeori: Aigoo... You injured it again?!
Seryung: I almost made it...
Yeori: Look at all the bruises you got because of that little scoundrel. What if Her Highness finds out?
Seryung: I told you he just let me ride him this time!
(I love this relationship between Yeori and Seryung, they’re like sisters, with Yeori being the protective one lol)

Their conversation is interrupted by Lady Yoon’s arrival. (she’s Seryung’s mom). She asks Yeori whether Seryung went loitering at the stable again, and Yeori sweetly tries to protect her but fails. Prince Suyang then also shows up, looking rather tickled at the sight of Seryung’s limping state. Prince Suyang says that it’s time for Seryung’s return to the palace (they don’t live in the palace). He advises her to always display the due decorum befitting a royal. He also tells her to never dishonor their legacy with coarse manner. He tells her to commit to her lectures, which is to be held at the palace. Seryung just says yes to this, like a loyal daughter should.

Meanwhile, at Kim Jong Seo’s residence, he receives a missive from Prince Suyang. Both he and his oldest son, Seung Kyu (Seung Yoo’s older brother) share the feeling of un-comfortableness at the missive. Prince Suyang is proposing a betrothal between Seung Yoo and his daughter, Seryung. Their conversation then changes to about Seung Yoo. “Did Seung Yoo spend the night out, again?”

At a gibang, a gisaeng wakes Seung Yoo up saying that he needs to go to the palace today. Seung Yoo leaves in such a hurry that he does not realize that he has lipstick stains left by the gisaeng on his face and neck. The gisaeng wonders why he is so different from his friend, Jeong Jong. (which means that he’s not the playboy kind of guy although he goes to the gibang which is a place for playboys)

Seryung and her sister, Sejeong, take a walk in the palace. Sejeong tells her that their father has arranged a marriage for her with the Right State Councilor’s youngest son, Kim Seung Yoo. Sejeong teasingly says that Seryung can pass him to her if she does not feel like getting married yet. Seryung dismisses it and says that they should head to Jami Hall* [*Royal quarters in Gyeongbok Palace]

Seryung: We need to pay our respects to Her Highness.
Sejeong: I'll leave you the honors.
Seryung: What?!
Sejeong:  I have no "respects" to pay to whom so nauseatingly flaunts her majestic beauty.
(ha, I love that Sejeong is so blunt!)

Meanwhile, at her quarters, Princess Kyung-hye is studying some seriously boring stuff from Lecturer Yeom. A curtain separates them and her face isn’t revealed.

Lecturer Yeom: "If no conceit comes with majesty, no quandaries shall afflict the noble." Goyi Bulwi, Soyi Jangsugwi.
Princess Kyung-hye: Master...
Lecturer Yeom: Yes, Your Highness.
Princess Kyung-hye: I can't seem to find the maxim you just quoted.
Lecturer Yeom: How could that be...
Princess Kyung-hye: I am sure of it.
Lecturer Yeom: Your humble servant has perused that book a thousand times...
Princess Kyung-hye: Are you suggesting I am engaging in frivolous fabrication?
Lecturer Yeom: I would never dare...
Princess Kyung-hye: Come verify firsthand.
Lecturer Yeom: W...hat?!
Princess Kyung-hye: Come here and verify yourself.

Princess Kyung-hye:  Must I come there and do it for you?
Lecturer Yeom: Of course not. Allow me to.

He lifts up the curtain and is shocked to see how beautiful she is. She asks him to look at the next chapter and touches his hand, causing him to tremble. Princess Kyung-hye’s servant, Eun Gum opens the door shocking him and he runs out of the door.

At the royal institute, all the professors are worried about Princess Kyung-hye’s act. She keeps on using her beauty to tease the lecturers sent to her. The professors urge the head professor, Professor Lee Gae to send a new lecturer in to teach the princess, continuing the Lecturer Yeom’s halted lessons with the princess.

Professor Lee Gae sighs that the new lecturer he is waiting for is late. Not long after that Seung Yoo shows up with a big grin on his face and apologizes for being late. They go outside of the royal institute.

 Professor Lee Gae, asks him what could have caused his belated arrival and he says that he’s too consumed by his lectures that he’s afraid he might have…
Professor Lee Gae:  Sure you weren't consuming the night in a gisaeng's embrace? Take a look at your face, will you?

Seung Yoo: My face?
Seung Yoo rubs his face and is shocked to find a lipstick stain in his palm.
Seung Yoo:  And what is this?
Professor Lee Gae: You're asking me?
(lol I love this professor, he’s so cool and not mean)
Professor Lee Gae then asks him to head to Her Highness' quarters at once. Seung Yoo quickly knows that Princess Kyung-hye has taunted her lecturer again.

Princess Kyung-hye waters her plant while chatting with Eun Geum (her servant) about how her lecturers pathetically drool at her beauty. Eun Geum tells her that still she has gone too far. And Princess Kyung-hye gives her a cute stare for saying it. ( I love that they have such a nice relationship, although not so close, I’m looking forward to it J). 

Seryung then shows up with a bright smile. Princess Kyung-hye seems to be delighted by her arrival. She shows Seryung her collections of outwears and accessories. (note that both of them use formal speech when talking and Seryung addresses Princess Kyung-hye as Her Highness)

Princess Kyung-hye: Why would a lady even bother riding a horse? Quite the impetuous temperament you have. Injuring yourself while engaging in such fruitless antics...
Seryung: Why do you collect silken shoes you will never bother wearing, then?
Princess Kyung-hye: Because I want to.
Seryung: The same goes for me, then. Because I want to. And trying to stop me makes me want to ride even more.
(I love the fact that both are pretty smart because I won’t have to worry about them being stupid in the rest of the drama)

Princess Kyung-hye: Last I've heard, you couldn't even reach the saddle?
Seryung: I did manage to do it, brief as it was.
Princess Kyung-hye: All those bruises, and yet...
Their conversation gets interrupted as her servant reminds Princess Kyung-hye that she and Seryung have a lecture to attend. Princess Kyung-hye says that she is tired of lectures. Seryung reminds her that King Munjong will be mad at this and she tells her that even he can’t handle her. They laugh. (I love these two, friends forever?…). Seryung then think of her betrothal with Seung Yoo ad says that once she is married she will understand how Princess Kyung-hye feels, not being able to be free like common people. Princess Kyung-hye does not think that her life in the palace is terrible but then gets interested in life outside of the palace as Seryung tells her bout the fresh air outside.

 A court lady then informs both of them about the new lecturer, Kim Seung Yoo. Seryung is alarmed by this.

Meanwhile, Seung Yoo prepares for the first lesson. Professor Lee Gae tells him to never lift up the curtain. (hmm…guess what? Rules really are made to be broken lol) he smiles to himself and heads to the quarters to meet the princess.

Once allowed to enter the room, Seung Yoo bows to a figure behind the curtain, which he assumes is Princess Kyung-hye. He announces that he is the royal lecturer, Kim Seung Yoo and that It is a true privilege for him to lecture someone of her repute. Seryung doesn’t reply his greet and he asks her whether his presence is an importunate thing to her. Seryung still refuses to reply to this. he then asks her to open the book Xiaojing.

In the same time, Princess Kyung-hye is on her way out of the palace. When the guard asks Yeori who’s in the carrier, she quickly announces that she is Lady Seryung, the youngest daughter of Prince Suyang. In the carrier, Princess Kyung-hye recalls the event where Seryung convinces her to swap places.

Princess Kyung-hye: Kim Seungyoo or whomever, I shall deal with no lecturer.
Seryung: Your Highness... Don't you want to take a saunter outside the palace gates?
Princess Kyung-hye: Outside?! And how about the lectures... (she seems shocked but pretty delighted by Seryung’s words)

Seryung: I could take your place, and...
Princess Kyung-hye: And sit in my quarters on my behalf? Does that even make any sense?
Seryung then explains that she might be betrothed to the lecturer so she wants to have a look at him firsthand. 

The flashback gets interrupted by Seryung’s servant, Yeori, who says that Princess Kyung-hye should have stopped Lady Seryung earlier. Princess Kyung-hye warns Yeori to never ever call her “Her Highness” anymore outside of the palace gates.

Back to the Princess Kyung-hye’s quarters, Seryung tries to take a peek on Seung Yoo’s face from behind the curtain. Seung Yoo goes on with his lecture.

Seung Yoo: What are the Three Obediences? They state that women must obey their father in their youth, their spouse after their conjugal ties, and their sons once death eventually parts them. In other words, they show how women can only live in a man's shadow.
Seryung: Shadow?

Seryung lets her bruised ankle out of her skirt, just to inspect it since it hurts.  Seung Yoo mistakes this as her attempt to tease him, as she did with her previous lecturers. He asks her to stop doing what she’s doing. Seung Yoo mockingly says he supposes the curtain will be next.  Without waiting for her reply, he goes on with saying that her trick will not make him sway. He says that if a princess like her flaunts her beauty like a cheap accessory on sale, she is no different from a lowly gisaeng (a callgirl). He then says that their lesson ends at that. 

Feeling infuriated, she asks him to lift the curtain, and he lifts it. So Seung Yoo is shocked by the sight in front of him. Seryung has a bluish bruised on her ankle.
Seung Yoo: Your Highness, what...
Seryung: Bruises, as you can see. Not harming the body our parents blessed us with is the basis of filial piety, so I can only beg your pardon for subjecting you to such unseemly sights. However, Master. Did I perchance hear "other scandalous exposure"? And pray tell me, what were you looking forward to? To see me rid myself of my undergarments, so that you could take a peek? Or perhaps a tender peck on that neck of yours? I trust that for someone who freely meanders about with rouge marks on his neck, such "puerile" attempts to taunt me would not be all that unconscionable?! But it is the earnest walls of the palace you walked in. Seeing the kind of lewd demeanor that would befit a brothel is utterly despicable. Women might walk in a man's shadow, but what woman would trust and rely upon such puerile and spurious men?
Seung Yoo is left speechless by her comment. (You should not have messed with her lol).

 He walks out in embarrassment but once outside, he lets out a big smile. (seems like he’s impressed by her intelligence… well, I am all for it!) .

In King Munjong quarters, he finds out that Prince Suyang has sent a missive to Kim Jong Seo behind him. He wants to know what’s written in it but his servant doesn’t know too. not long after that it is announced that Prince Suyang is seeking an audience with him. Hearing this, his physician rushes to another room to hide. King Munjong does not want Prince Suyang to know that he is terribly sick at the moment, because he knows that Prince Suyang would be glad knowing it. (just in case you still do not know what their relationship is, Prince Suyang is King Munjong’s younger brother).

They talk about their princesses (Princess Kyung-hye and Seryung). King Munjong asks Prince Suyang to look after Princess Kyung-hye too but Prince Suyang says that he has to take care of his own daughter first, considering how lacking his own princess is. The king also asks Prince Suyang to guide the crown prince (Princess Kyung-hye’s sister, Hongwi aka King Danjong) too. Prince Suyang says yes to these requests. (IDK why on Earth both of them bother pretending as if they don’t know about each other’s motives!) Prince Suyang then leaves to go to the council hall where he says he and the royals will be waiting for the king’s arrival. King Munjong’s health seems to get worse after Prince Suyang left. Turns out the physician is also Prince Suyang’s man (oh crap!) and he reports to Prince Suyang about King Munjong asking about the content of the missive sent by Prince Suyang earlier and that he is also terribly sick.

  Turns out the physician is also Prince Suyang’s man (oh crap!) and he reports to Prince Suyang about King Munjong asking about the content of the missive sent by Prince Suyang earlier and that he is also terribly sick.

In the council hall, King Munjong mentions that he wants to quicken Princess Kyung-hye’s marriage. (which means both princesses are getting married!)

Prince Suyang’s man, Minister Onnyeong, says that the royal son-in-law ought to be selected upon further deliberation... by the royal committee presided by His Highness Prince Suyang. But Kim Jong Seo’s men disagree with this saying that it’s the board of rites who is responsible for the royal son-in-law selection. Prince Suyang then smilingly says that he’ll leave the matter to the board of rites then, leaving the Kim Jong Seo’s party to be puzzled. They wonder why Prince Suyang gives up so easily.

Outside of the council hall, Prince Suyang reminds Kim Jong Seo that he is still waiting for his answer on the marriage he proposed before.

King Munjong eyes them uneasily. He is informed that Kim Jong Seo’s youngest son has been entrusted with Princess Kyung-hye’s lessons.

Meanwhile, Princess Kyung-hye is amazed by the busy life in the capital. But then a man eneters her stopped carriage and she stutteringly asks who he is. he quickly puts his hand on her mouth which angers her more causing him to get a free slap from her. 
 He is Jeong Jong (Lee Min Woo) and loan sharks are chasing him so he chooses to hide in the carriage. He is stunned by Princess Kyung-hye’s beauty but a few seconds later he gets caught by the loan sharks. Princess Kyung-hye just watches him as he gets dragged out.

 Yeori rushes to her asking whether she’s fine or not. Princess Kyung-hye orders her to bring her back to the palace because she’s afraid of the scene where Jeong Jong is hit by the loan sharks. (that’s such a terrible scene!) . Princess Kyung-hye tells Yeori that she should never tell anyone about what has happened (the trip).

After Seung Yoo left, Seryung is startled when Princess Kyung-hye’s younger brother, Hongwi, comes to see Princess Kyung-hye. 

Princess Kyung-hye comes just in time to greet him. The Crown Prince Hongwi says that he heard about the plan to marry Princess Kyung-hye and that he is worries that his sister will leave him alone since their mom is dead.. (aww…he must be feeling sad that he’ll be left alone in the creepy palace…)
Crown Prince Hongwi: It has been long since Mother passed away, and if you leave the palace as well, what will that make of me? Princess Kyung-hye: It is only my duty to do so, when the time comes.

Princess Kyung-hye: Did I not tell you not to ever show weakness in anyone's presence?
Crown Prince Hongwi:  Your Highness...
Princess Kyung-hye: You will one day take our country's fortunes upon yourself.  No matter what throes might be afflicting you, you must gleam with resolve.
Crown Prince Hongwi: I must have let frailty becloud my judgment for an instant. I shall take my leave now.
(although Princess Kyung-hye appears to be so curt with her brother, I know she loves him to death)

Once the Crown Prince Hongwi is gone, Seryung asks Princess Kyung-hye how her trip was. Princess Kyung-hye simply says that the noise annoys her while the dusts suffocate her. Princess Kyung-hye asks her about her future husband and she says that he Is the kind of guy who loves going to gibang and getting a lipstick stain on his neck. Princess Kyung-hye asks her how did she manage to see the mark and Eun Geum tells her that the master did it on his own.

Princess Kyung-hye: All the better.
Seryung: What?!
Princess Kyung-hye: He's even seen your face now, could I possibly join those lectures? I shall spend some time with the flowers of my garden, so I'll let you and your prospective spouse fondly mingle at will.
Seryung: Your Highness!
(lol it shocks both Seryung and me that Princess Kyung-hye is fine with the lifting of the curtain)

Meanwhile, Shin Myun is practicing sword with his servant and he manages to win the fight. Seung Yoo watches this with a smile in his face and teasingly asks whether his men know that their superior always spends his night drinking.
Seung Yoo: Do those underlings even know that their superior spent the night drinking?
Shin Myun: Look who's talking. The only thing you can lecture people on is the art of drinking, isn't it? If you want to part ways with the bottle, you should first avoid Jong.
Seung Yoo:  But he was all up in arms trying to earn himself a treat tonight?!
Shin Myun:  Ehh... There's no stopping him. Doesn't he even get tired of it?! Has he ever turned down the sweet pleasures of the bottle?

They bet that Jeong Jong is at a gibang till Seung Yoo spots him at the capital. Loan sharks drag him. Shin Myun attacks them.
Shin Myun: You knave! How dare you subject a yangban (someone of a noble family)to such treatment?
Loan shark: This yangban you speak of seemingly refuses to settle his debts with us, so we were about to escort him and discuss a possible solution. Is that not right, Naeuri?
Jeong Jong:  I... never said I wouldn't settle my debts.
Shin Myun says that he’ll settle the matter later on therefore the loan sharks should release Jeong Jong. The loan shark asks how he is supposed to believe that and Shin Myun shows his badge.

Shin Myun: Doesn't that answer your question?
Loan shark: An officer of the capital bureau, I see. Looks like I grievously importuned Your Excellency.
Before he leaves, the loan shark mentions that Jeong Jong has quite the dependable friends (referring to Shin Myun and Seung Yoo). (I agree with him, I wonder how on Earth he managed to find friends like them lol).

 The Crown Prince Hongwi is practicing archery, with King Munjong and Kim Jong Seo watching him. He does not manage to hit the target (what a poor archer lol). King Munjong is worried about Crown Prince Hongwi’s future, since facing one's weaknesses takes great courage.

King Munjong: Suyang was born to wear the crown.
Kim Jong Seo:  Sire... That is preposterous. (he’s shocked by His Majesty statement)
King Munjong:  Methinks my time shall soon come. And without his father to rely upon, how will that child repel his uncle's covetous deviltries...
Kim Jong Seo: Sire...
King Munjong: If it could only help him survive, I would gleefully meet my demise here and now, without reserve.
Kim Jong Seo: Sire! Do not afflict your humble servant with such mortifying utterances!
King Munjong: I thought I could forever count on your most earnest fealty, but lamentably I can no longer do so.
Kim Jong Seo: What would lead you to think so? May you tell me the reason, Sire!
King Munjong: What are you and Suyang conspiring?

Prince Suyang meets up with his minions and theyvoice up that King Munjong would not be quiet after hearing that he has sent a missive to Kim Jong Seo. Till now Kim Jong Seo still hasn’t respond to the missive. One of his minion says that a fake betrothal would not be able to break the long-lasting bond between Kim Jong Seo and King Munjong, but Prince Suyang defends his action saying that it’s not a fake betrothal and that he’s planning on becoming in-laws with Kim Jong Seo for real.

That night, Seung Yoo, Shin Myun and Jeong Jong take a few shots of drink under the bright moonlight. Seung Yoo and Shin Myun scold Jeong Jong for not telling them about his debts. They warn him that the market shylocks are dangerous. ‘No matter how serious your mother's ailments might be, must you defy the law and...’ Jeong Jong cuts the sentence saying that they should stop at that. They still go on with offering him a loan, and teasingly mention that they would not give it to him for free since there will be interests too.  (lol they are sweet!). ignoring them, Jeong Jong starts to tell them about his meeting with Princess Kyung-hye earlier.
 Jeong Jong: I saw a lady of matchless beauty today. It could actually have been the eight provinces' fairest flower, Princess Kyung-hye?!
Seung Yoo: Fairest flower?! Wouldn't go that far...  Looked quite ordinary to me...

Jeong Jong is shocked by this. Don’t tell me that you’ve met her? Say something. Seung Yoo then admits that he is the one who’s entrusted with Princess Kyung-hye’s lectures. He tells them that princess or not, Seryung (who he thinks is Princess Kyung-hye) is just an ordinary woman. He smiles at that. (lol ordinary or not, Seryung seems to have stolen his heart). The three of them go home after getting quite drunk. Seung Yoo forces Shin Myun to carry Jeong Jong on his back since it’s his turn to since he was the one who carries Jeong Jong the last time he got drunk.

 Seung Yoo goes home alone, still quite drunk. He announces that he’s home and senses that his father has a guest. Kim Jong Seo does not bother telling him who the guest is since he is so drunk so he tells him to just go to sleep. Turns out the guest is none other than Prince Suyang.

Prince Suyang: He seems like quite the valiant young fellow. Lamentably, I cannot flaunt any such virtues when it comes to my daughter. Although I suppose joining such an intrepid man in conjugal ties could be praiseworthy.
Kim Jong Seo: Is that the sole purpose behind this betrothal?
Prince Suyang: Only Your Excellency and I can avert an inevitable tragedy.
Kim Jong Seo: Tragedy?
Prince Suyang: If I said that after His Majesty's demise...
Kim Jong Seo: Mind your parlance!
Prince Suyang: I vow to protect the throne and our crown prince, would you believe me?
Kim Jong Seo: Even mutts wandering the streets wouldn't believe that. You'd be the first to suggest that the only way to protect his investiture... is by slaying the ideal candidate to the throne, Suyang.
Prince Suyang: And for the sake of survival, that would force me to slay you. Meaning that in the end, one of us would have to shed blood.
Kim Jong Seo: Kim Jong Seo does not fear demise. It doesn't just end at you and me, Your Excellency.
Prince Suyang: Would you be prepared to witness our innocent children bear the brunt of this all? (oh crap, you’re going to use them against him????) But if you and I join forces, their lives will not be so heedlessly sacrificed.

Princess Kyung-hye seems to feel pleased with the identity swap between her and Seryung.
Princess Kyung-hye: There is no other choice but to do it, is there? (lol Princess Kyung-hye really hate studying, doesn’t she?) But if you really can't stand it, you can always tell that lecturer the truth.

Princess Kyung-hye then helps Seryung in getting dressed in the official hanbok for the real princess, her hanbok. She even puts on the norigae (an accessory used on a hanbok) on Seryung’s hanbok. (that’s so nice of her…)

In the lesson quarters, Seung Yoo starts the lesson by stating a few things. he shall listen to her words on their previous lesson, but he hopes that Seryung will maintain politesse when dealing with him as her lecturer. (lol he’s so haughty!) Seryung doesn’t react to this even though it is clear that she is pissed off. Seung Yoo continues with saying that from here on in, he shall tolerate no needless interruptions.
Seung Yoo: Also, transcribe the content of our lecture, and present it on the next one. You must also memorize every maxim we will discuss on our lecture, for I will frequently examine your progress. Should you fail to pass these oral examinations, we will restart from the beginning.
Seryung answers this with silence. (lol way to make him wonder)
Seung Yoo: Why aren't you answering? *curious*
Seryung: As you prefer.
Seung Yoo: I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
Seryung: What could a powerless pupil do to stop a lecturer using his status... to retaliate for what he was subjected to yesterday?! (lol nicely said Seryung!)
Seung Yoo: I can only accept your puerile artifices with utmost leniency.
Seryung: You may subject me to an examination right now.
Seung Yoo: Right now? (he’s obviously shocked that Seryung is so quick on asking him to test her, considering that she haven’t learned much…)

 King Munjong gives a sudden visit to Jong Hak (the royal institute) causing all the professors to be dumbfounded. King Munjong says that he heard Princess Kyung-hye’s lecturer has been replaced again. Professor Lee Gae apologizes saying that it is his fault for being so lacking. (don’t blame yourself hun, it’s the princess’ fault, not yours). King Munjong wants to see Princess Kyung-hye (oh crap, how will Seryung handle this? she won’t always be lucky as the last time…)

Meanwhile, Seung Yoo tests Seryung and Seryung manages to answer all his questions correctly (she’s a smart girl, applauds for her!). Seung Yoo is extremely impressed by this… but the King Munjong arrives. He  stands up and bows. Professor Lee Gae introduces Seung Yoo a the new lecturer and King Munjong asks whether he can sit to see his princess studying. Seung Yoo agrees with his request (of course you can, you’re THE MAJESTY!) but Seryung is awfully nervous of this since she’s afraid that her uncle will find out that she has been pretending as Princess Kyung-hye.

Seung Yoo then starts testing her again but this time Seryung answers his question with silence because she does not want her secret to slip out. King Munjong says that the silence simply means that his princess still needs Seung Yoo’s guidance. Seung Yoo seems to feel embarrassed by Seryung’s act. (I hate her for doing it, although it’s not fully her fault…). King Munjong seems to be pleased with Seung Yoo. He leaves without seeing his princess because he does not want to disturb her lesson (you already did!) and Seryung breathes in relief.
Seung Yoo is extremely pissed off by this.
Seung Yoo: I see you're quite proficient when it comes to embarrassing your lecturer.

Seryung then informs Princess Kyung-hye of King Munjong visit earlier. she is afraid that he will come for a visit again next time. Princess Kyung-hye says not worry because His Majesty won’t visit her again since after the last lesson, the lecturer will be changed.
Princess Kyung-hye: Just be patient for a little while. Or would you prefer to reveal the truth right now?
Seryung: No. I wouldn't want to put you in a predicament because of me.

Seryung tries once again to get on a horse and she feels happy that the horse does not quickly kick her off. The horse paces slowly. At the market, Seung Yoo is still feeling annoyed that Seryung embarrassed him in front of His Majesty. Then he spots Seryung on her horse. He wonders what she is doing with the horse but then turns anxious when he sees that Seryung is not handling the horse well. Seryung feels scared on the horse and cries. He follows her on another horse.

Meanwhile, King Munjong announces to everyone including Prince Suyang that he has something to say about the royal-son-in-law selection.
King Munjong: I... shall appoint Councilor Kim Jong Seo's son Seung Yoo as Royal-in-law.
(OMG! Will this ruin Seryung-Princess Kyung-hye relationship??????)
Everyone (including me) is shocked by the announcement!

Meanwhile, Seung Yoo manages to jump on Seryung’s horse but he cannot stop the mad horse. He has no other option so he chooses to embraces Seryung as tight as he could and they both jump from the horse…



OMG, I am so glad that I managed to finish this recap, since with my busy life (and my terrible English lol), it seems impossible for me to even lay a finger on this project, but since it is an obsession, I CAN’T STOP. lol As an overall I think episode 1 is so damn impressive because we get to know the characters, and the shots are beautiful… I love the sweet relationship between Princess Kyung-hye and Seryung, and the cute relationship between Seung Yoo, Shin Myun and Jeong Jong is so freaking adorable… I hope that the friendships will last, but will they?


  1. nice review!!! i really liked it!!!! btw i would like to know if there are more recaps for the drama princess's man??? thanks for any details!!!

  2. i love your recap!!! you have done a really good job!!! btw are there any more recaps for the drama princess's man drama? thanks for any details!!!

  3. thank you hun xx sorry to say that I have been abandoning the recapping project since ages because I've been lazy ><