Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Korean Drama List

(Last Update: 2013)

I have watched lots of Korean dramas so far (not so much actually but for me, more than once is considered as a lot already lol)

There are some dramas that are interesting while others are not so nice or just bad. Here's my list of dramas with my rates (note that 10 is for the best while 1 is for the worst + the ones written in green are my favorites ones):

Korean Dramas I Have Watched

  • the princess' man ( cuteness:10, romance:10, hilariousness:2, sadness:10 )
  • boys over flower ( cuteness:7, romance:7, hilariousness:9, sadness:4 )
  • coffee prince ( cuteness:8, romance:7, hilariousness:8, sadness:4 )
  • coffee house ( cuteness:7, romance:7, hilariousness:6, sadness:8 )
  • bad guy ( cuteness:1, romance:9, hilariousness:1 )
  • dream high 1 ( cuteness:9, romance:9, hilariousness:6, sadness:8)
  • marry me mary ( cuteness:10, romance:10, hilariousness:7, sadness:6 ) 
  • cinderella's stepsister ( cuteness:6, romance:8, hilariousness:1, sadness;9)
  • princess prosecutor ( cuteness:9, romance:8, hilariousness:8, sadness:6)
  • romance town ( cuteness:7, romance:7, hilariousness:7, sadness:6)
  • wild romance ( cuteness:7, romance:6, hilariousness:8, sadness:7)
  • queen in hyun's man ( cuteness:10, romance:9, hilariousness:7, sadness:8 )
  • brain ( cuteness:7, romance:7, hilariousness:6, sadness:9)
  • 49 days ( cuteness:7, romance:7, hilariousness:6, sadness:10)
  • a love to kill ( cuteness:5, romance:10, hilariousness:1, sadness:10)
  • full house ( cuteness:8, romance:8, hilariousness:8, sadness:8) 

Ok guys, I'm pretty busy, gonna update this post soon.^.^

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