Monday, August 6, 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan (Men Singles Final)

Lee Chong Wei
(his face is so sad, I wish I could do something to help him)

I'm rarely interested in sport, never I guess, but last night I WAS SO INTERESTED n Lee Chong Wei's match with Lin Dan. (just in case you're wondering why, it's because I'm a Malaysian!)

I'm not good at all at badminton nor I know much about it, therefore, I won't say much on it. So last night, 5th of august, I sat in front of the tv and watch the game with my (crazy) family. Believe me, it is such a very rare thing seeing me watching anything other than korean dramas!

Okay, straight to the result, Lee Chong Wei didn't win, while Lin Dan didn't lose. (LCW won the first set while LD won the other two, LCW was ONLY 2 points behind for the last set) I am not trying to deny reality but Lee Chong Wei is the winner in my heart, always.

 Why am I so attached to this news???
Well because I kinda CRIED when I saw Lin Dan won!
And I have never cried for any game before, NOT EVEN the game I lost.
It was kinda heartbreaking to see him crying when he realized that he lost to Lin Dan for the second time! And what is more heartbreaking is that he lost to Lin Dan too four years ago.

Still don't get it?
That was the last chance for him to win a gold medal because he is retiring soon! And losing something you really wanted TWICE sucks!

I don't hate Lin Dan, but I really wish that he didn't exist. 

here's his pic though

Lee Chong Wei may not be the best, but he's the best in my heart..

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