Friday, August 31, 2012

Summary: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 6

This episode is pretty good, but still I am getting less interested in it. But Arang’s cuteness and Eun Oh’s hotness is what makes me keep holding on lol
Off to episode 6 we are

-it turns out that mom has been a soul-eater for so long that Joo Wal’s fake dad, Lord Choi, was once her hunter too

-dad says that Eun Oh’s mom will soon find a new hunter because of his failure to get Arang for her that night

-Eun Oh and Dol Swe find a trapdoor near the place where he found the hairpin in the last episode. The trapdoor is protected with a talisman but he manages to open it and find bones of dead girls.

-Eun Oh’s mom is alarmed by the discovery and rushes Joo Wal to the scene but it’s too late because Eun Oh has called police officers to the place

-the two Gods talk about the lost souls saying that souls have disappeared without trace since the past 400 years (because of Eun Oh’s mom soul-eating thing)

-The Jade emperor was the one who freed Arang’s red rope in the first place, if you are still wondering about it

-Eun Oh couldn’t find anything related to his mom in the sea of bones

-Eun Oh urges Arang to go to the place saying that she must have been killed there but she refuses because she is afraid

-Eun Oh’s mom orders Joo Wal to kill him (WTF?)

-Arang however goes back to the place where the hairpin was found alone and manages to retrieve her memory of pulling the hairpin out of a woman’s hair but she does not get to see the woman’s face

-Eun Oh looks for her, but Joo Wal is following him to kill him

-Arang then comes running towards Eun Oh and says that she says that she now knows that she pulled the hairpin out of a woman’s hair. Eun Oh: just that?

-Joo Wal changes to his noble garments and meets Arang just to confirm his suspicious of her being alive

-Arang then leaves with Eun Oh (he still does not recognize Joo Wal, wtf?!)

-the Bang Trio plans on burying Eun Oh alive because he has messed with their so normal lives before the discovery of the bones

-the episode ends with the King Of Hell, The Jade Emperor and the soul-hunter, Muyoung, staring at a glass ball waiting for something

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