Friday, August 31, 2012

Summary: Arang and the Magistrate Episode 5

This show is cute, but I am no longer that addicted with it, but I’ll keep watching it till I get tired of it. Now lets go to the brief summary.

-seeing Joo Wal helping Arang to et over the wall, Eun oh notices that Joo Wal does not recognize Arang
-Dol Swe is mad at Eun Oh because he refuses to leave town as he said he would earlier, and blames him for wasting his time with his new sweetheart (Arang)
-Eun Oh goes back to his room and there is Arang, sitting in her hanbok and not the officer uniform
-she feigns ignorance over her appearance at the funeral and he does not believe her
-Eun Oh checks her skirt to look for the hidden uniform but is shocked by the sight of Arang’s bare legs
-Eun Oh gets a slap from Arang. He calls her demon and she calls him bastard. Each other’s words hurt them both.
-Eun Oh feels hurt because she mentions about his mother while she gets hurt because he says that she is heartless even though she is a human
-Eun Oh stays at the mountainside for the night while Arang stays awake till morning in her room. eun Oh embarrassedly apologizes and they become friends again
-Eun Oh asks her about his mother hairpin and she says she does not have it because she came there naked
- they make a deal to work together in solving Arang’s death’s mystery and finding his mother
- Dol Swe accidentally meets with Bang Wool and they seems to like each other’s companion although not that close
-Arang sleeps in her bed and Joo Wal comes, dressed in black, and then stabs her (purposely to kill her) and brings her to a place somewhere in the woods as a sacrifice for a gisaeng whih turns out is Eun Oh’s mom
-but Arang is still alive so when Joo Wal goes to talk with Eun Oh’s mom, she flees away and thank God Eun Oh manages to find her (bleeding) and she faints at the sight of him
-Arang wound heals so fast that it surprises Eun Oh and since Arang sleeps in Eun Oh’s room, Dol Swe thinks that they slept together (Eun Oh does not deny it)
 -Eun Oh’s mother feels mad at Joo Wal for losing Arang. Turns out his ring alarms him of a pure soul and it is given by Eun Oh’s mother to him as an exchange of a life he wants. In returns he’ll have to bring a soul for her every full moon so she can eat it
-Eun Oh goes to the place where Arang was brought by Joo Wal earlier and is shocked to find his mother’s hairpin there

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