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Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 4


Eun Oh looks for Arang but fails. He stumbles across Bang Wool who’s running through the woods. He asks her about Arang and she tells him that Arang has gone to the afterlife for good. (he calls Arang Amnesia). She tells him about her asking for an audience with the Jade Emperor and says that she won’t be safe for being that brazen.

Muyoung walks Arang through the forest. They talk a little bit and Arang finds out that he can die too (aka disappear since he’s dead). They arrive to a place where the reaper’s lantern falls to the ground and night turns to day in a split second. They are at the bank of the river of afterlife. She mentions that she didn’t say goodbye (obviously she means to poor Eun Oh). They take a boat and they get flowed to a waterfall. (well it’s not really a waterfall) Arang falls into the water, sinking deeper and deeper but then she floats in the air (it’s nicely wtf-ing)

Bang Wool explains that Arang will be punished because all ghost will get punishments for their sins, this is according to her book. Being the sweet Eun Oh he is, he asks her what he can do about it. Nothing.

That nigt Lord Choi’s men come to the magistrate residence to take Arang’s body but is stopped by the brave Dol Swe. 

He’s almost hurt by a man when Eun Oh comes to his rescue. Eun Oh brings his dad’s name to the surface and the men scurry away. (his dad’s name is pretty powerful, although not as powerful as Joo Wal’s dad’s). Dol Swe feels relieved and hugs Eun Oh. (aww, he’s so cute. I’ll give you a hug too!).

The next morning, Eun Oh prepares a funeral for Seo Rim (aka Arang) to clear her name. He plans on leaving once the funeral is completed. 

Lord Choi feels a little bit relieved when he heard of this. (he makes it seems like both him and his son have something to do with her death)

Two days passed and nobody has shown up to give a last respect to Arang except for her old servant. (OMG, it would have been heartbreaking if she sees it)

 The next day, Eun-oh prepares to bury the body. But when he steps outside, she’s faced with Arang. (both his jaws and mine drop!). Dol Swe asks her if she’s there to pay her last respect. (He can see her!) This shocks Eun Oh (and me too!). Dol Swe leaves thinking that Arang is His master’s sweetheart.

Arang says that she’s now a person. He touches her to confirm it. (his shocked face is so damn cute!)
It turns out that Arang made a deal with both King of Underworld and jade Emperor to allow her to solve the mystery of her death in the form of a human being. If she can’t find the answer, Hades will take her to the deepest hell in three full moons time. she was given a bell to ring once she has succeeded.

Arang then is dropped from heaven to a river, naked. LOL. She swears at them for that. She then swipes some clothes from a nearby place. She asks a kid how she looks like to confirm that she can be seen. And she feels happy when the boy says that she’s pretty. Another thing is she can still see ghosts. (that’s cool!) she then meets Eun Oh.

Eun Oh asks her why she’s given such a special treatment (it seems like he’s doubting the story) and Arang says maybe it's because the Gods feel sorry for what happened to her.

Eun Oh then heads to the burial ground after telling her to stay put. (Hun, when is the last time she listened to you?). She ignores his order and heads to her old room. She makes faces in the mrirror to confirm that she’s now human

and then goes to the burial ground dressed as a male guard.

 Joo Wal and Lord Choi exchange weird looks at the mention of tomorrow’s full moon. Lord Choi: "If you cannot find that girl by tomorrow, what will that person do? I’m sure he wouldn’t cast you away because of that one mistake. Don’t worry too much." (I’m getting sick of this cryptic old man and his secretive words!). Joo Wal asks him not to worry.

 Lord Choi pretends to be nice to the poor citizens spoiled fruits and other stuff. Joo Wal doesn’t seem to be that supportive of this and asks him to go to Arang’s burial ceremony instead because it’ll do a better thing to his image.

 Arang bumps into Joo Wal on while looking for the burial ground. His black ring turns into a red ring when he touches her. Arang then excuses herself and he runs after her. (there’s no sign that he notices  her as Seo Rim, and about Arang, I’m not sure -.-)

At the burial ground, Arang makes a fuss with one of the Bang Trio and causes herself to be chased by everyone.

The King of Underworld says that he wants to have the Jade Emperor young body if Arang fails, lol. The Jade Emperor keeps what he wants a secret from the King of Underworld (and all of us). they're playing badook, The King of Underworld wins the game, and it’s said that someone will die since he won. If King of Underworld wins, someone will die, if the Jade Emperor wins, someone will be born. (sounds kinda cool although it's completely ridiculous)

Somewhere in a small hut, a woman sits behind a veil. (IDK who the fuck she is but I guess it’s Eun Oh’s mom)

Both Eun Oh and Joo Wal run after Arang. Joo Wal manages to corner her in a dead end, and seeing that Eun Oh is about to catch up with them, she asks joo Wal to lift her so that she can jump over the fence. She’s afraid that Eun Oh will scold her for defying his order earlier. (It really annoys me that she seems to not know who Joo Wal is, wtf show?!) he helps her and she promises to repay the favor. He asks her whether she’s really an officer and she says yes.

Eun Oh manages to see her, but then he’s way too late as Arang succeeds in escaping. He sees Joo Wal and both of them exchange weird looks.

End of Episode 4.

I’m getting sick of this show. I don’t know whether I’ll stay with this series for a long time. It tires me that everyone is so secretive and Arang can be quiet annoying when she keeps on getting herself into troubles, and then burdening other with the troubles she caused. I don't know why but I don't like the Arang-is-now-a-human-being thing.

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