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Summary: Arang and The Magistrate Episode 2

Starting from the moment when Eun Oh sweeps Arang up onto his horse. The handome Reaper Mu-young tries to speed up to catch her, but she throws peach blossoms at him, hurting him. (yeah, the Reaper's scared of them cause they can hurt him lol)

When they arrive at a riverbank, Eun Oh pulls the hairpin out of Arang’s hair. He had given the hairpin to his mother before she disappeared. She argues that it's her because she had it with her when she woke up from death. Eun Oh lights up a lil bit to find out that she has a connection to his mother while she's alive but gets disappointed when Arang tells him again that she has lost all her memory while she was alive.

Arang then thanks him for the help and decides to head off but is stopped by eun Oh. He offers his help to help her find her identity (just so that he can find his mom). Aranng accepts this happily and mentions that the Reaper calls her Arang but he decides to call her Amnesia lol. this angers her a little bit but she decides to ignore it.

In Minyang, Dol-swe is surprised to hear from Eun Oh that he's going to be a magistrate. Being the cute guy he is, he goes to meet the three idiots to ask them about what they had done to his master. 

The handsome Reaper returns to heaven to report that his failure to catch her. the jade Emperor says that it's okay because things will just get to how it is supposed to be, when she herself decides to go to heaven. The Jade Emperor also mentions that once people come to the afterlife, they can't return to the earthlife in any way, which kinda strucks him in his heart as he looks at the fairy there (who remind him of his sister)

The trio's leader Lee-bang goes to meet Lord Choi (Eun Oh's dad) to find some information abot Eun Oh. He then informs him about him becoming a magistrate. he is then instructed by Lord Choi to find out what Eun Oh is after.

At the magistrate's residential, Eun Oh tries to draw Arang's portrait but he fails miserably as he sucks at drawing. She fumes that she's not athat ugly (although she cannot see her own face). he then gives up on drawing cause, thinking about other ways of searching her identity (earlier he planned on using it to track her identity). Arang then mention that she knows only two thing (1)she's been a ghost for three years (2) she feels pretty hurt at her left side.

Eun Oh feels pretty pissed off hearing this cause he thins she should have told him about that from the beginning. he then instructs the three Bangs to bring him records of past crime cases but fails to find anything about Arang's identity.
but then he enters a room at his residential and finds out that the ex magistrate's daughter who once lived there disappeared three years ago. Cool, so fast! he informs this to Arang but she can't remember anything. According to a woman there, the daughter was rumoured to had run away with a lowly guy three years ago, ditching her fiance) He sigs when she asks him to bring her to meet her so called fiance. She manipulates him into agreeing by saying that she's just gonna go to the afterlife then, which scares hi pretty much because he's still looking for a clue of her mom's wherebouts and her relationship with Arang)

The next day they go to the said fiance who's none other than Joowal, the son of the powerful Lord Kim (who's like a king when the king isn't around) Lord Kim is so powerful that even Lord Choi can't beat him. He's drawing. Arang stops her steps saying that her heart is beating so hard it hurts. Eun Oh says that ghosts don't breathe, so she must be lying. She asks him to check for himself but he stops his hand from reaching her body realizing what he's about to do.

they then go to have some drinks (yeah, ghosts can drink too lol) Arang tells him that hse's embarasse to meet Joowal in her shabby clothes, although Joowal can't see her. Arang got drun so he ad to piggyback (he drops her a few times because she's heavy lol) they go to meet Bang Wool and she's not happy to hear Arang's voice. Eun Oh asks for a hanbok for Arang, and Bang Wool is delighted to get some money from Eun Oh.

Arang also mentions that she must have had love him so much for her to feel what she's feelings.

That night Joowal goes to a gisaeng house (believe me Idk what it's called lol) which is so unusual of him and he rented the place for himself. but he doesn't even care bot choosing a gisaeng because he's looking for someone else, who idk. He's kinda mysterious but he looks kinda sad.

 that night, Eun oh wakes up to discover that Arang is staring at him. she says that she's never kissed anyone since she became a ghost. He's shocked by this lol

End of episode 2

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