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Summary : Arang and The Magistrate Episode 1

Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki) is a cold guy (from his servant’s descriptions) with the ability to see ghost

Eun Oh went to a place name Miryang to search for his lost mother. He went there with his servant, Dol-Swe. He’s a guy from a noble family, but her mom is a slave. Three years before that he tried to convince her mom of letting him stay with her, but his mom brushes him away saying that if he lives with her, he won’t be able to be a noble man, when he can be one if he lives with his dad. He left his mom in anger but when he came back for her the other day, she was gone.

She accidentally meets with Arang, a ghost while she’s trying to run away from a reaper. He tries his best to ignore them but he can feel the coldness of their soul as they run pass him. (yeah, they run although they’re not HUMANS lol) She manages to escape from the reaper who’s trying to catch her.

Arang (Shin Mina) is a ghost who’s seeking for someone to help her. She is puzzled by who she is because all she remembered is she waking up as a ghost and led to cross a river to the other world. She accidentally meets Eun Oh at a shelter when she gets wet due to the rain (yeah, even though she’s a ghost, she gets wet to!) she tries to dry herself as Eun Oh tries to pretend like he cannot see or hear her. It is until Arang starts to undress that she realizes that it’s possible that he can see her. He asks him right away whether he can see her while he tries his best to ignore her with a straight face. She tests him by getting close to him and feels disappointed that he doesn’t react at all.

Arang then starts to tell Eun Oh about her story aloud (she does so because she has no one to talk to) and Eun Oh forces himself to ignore her, which he absolutely fails. As she starts to talk about asking for someone’s help, Eun oh feigns to be sleepy and goes to sleep. That is why he pretends like he can’t hear her; he doesn’t want to help her! Arang then makes he feel so freaking uncomfortable by lying next to him. He keeps his ignorance on. And they sleep together.

When Eun Oh wakes up the next day, he’s glad that she’s gone. But the truth is she’s sitting on the rooftop observing him. As he walks out of the house, yells at a few ghosts who are following him to stop following him. They try to ask for his help but he brushes him away. Arang smiles at this remembering how he tries to trick her. He asks a woman of his mom whereabouts and gets the info that her mom did stay there for a day before she disappeared. Arang watches this exchange of information and is shocked when Eun Oh catches her hand. She’s shocked to know that he can see, hear, and even touch her.

She asks him to help her and he tells her to go to the government official for help: he says he can’t help her. She keeps on begging him to help her, until he threatens her with some beans (yeah, ghosts are scared of beans! Lol) he says that she should go to seek help from a magistrate instead of pestering him. She tells him that there’s no magistrate in the town. And being an ignorance jerk he is, he says it’s none of his business, since he’s not a magistrate too. She asks him whether he would help her if he’s a magistrate. He says yes right away. When he leaves, she smiles to herself because of the ‘promise’ he just made.


           She then seeks for his friend’s help, a shaman, Bang Wool (Nam Bora) who can hear but not see her. She seems to be afraid of Arang (in a pretty cute way). She asks Bang wool to help her with the guy. Her plan is to make Eun Oh the new magistrate, with the help of three cute idiots from the governmental office. They kidnap him and bring him to the magistrate’s residence.  He’s shocked to wake up to being called the new magistrate by one of them. He is tied so he shouts at the guy to let him go, but the guy flees away (lol that’s funny). Then Arang enters, acting like a freaking ghost (with scary appearance and stuff) but he isn’t affected by it at all and he asks her to let him go.

Seeing that that doesn’t work, Arang changes her strategy to crying, saying she just want to know her identity and that she just wants to say goodbye to her parents, only to be dismissed by the cold Eun Oh who says that if she doesn’t know her parents, how does she know  how to miss them? He even attacks her on killing all the previous magistrates. She feels wronged since she didn’t kill them. They died because they were shocked that she’s a ghost
Arang then goes to complain at Bang Wool for giving her such a stupid idea (of suggesting that she wears make up just to make Eun Oh helps her) because she doesn’t have any. She suggests that Bang Wool gives her some make up since ghosts can use only things given to them by a human being (woah, that’s cool lol) Bang wool complains that she doesn’t have any because she has no money. Arang then convinces her to steal, with her watching her back. Bang Wool agrees because Arang promises that it will be the last time she interrupts her. (she thinks that Arang is ugly because she can’t see her, that’s why she suggests the make-up thing lol) But unfortunately, she gets caught by people, so Arang fights the chasers to give some time to Bang Wool for her to escape.
But Arang act attracts too much attention (even Eun Oh happens to see this, what a coincidence! lol) and reapers appear to go after her and some other ghosts. She runs away, and Eun Oh catches a glimpse of her hair pin and notes that it’s his mother’s pin. He then takes a horse, and zoom pass the reaper who’s chasing Arang and then holds out his hand to pick Arang

                                            The End of Episode One

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