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Review: A Love to Kill


Title: 죽일놈의 사랑 / I Jukilnomui Sarang / A Love to Kill / Knock Out By Love
Chinese Title: 这该死的 / 这该死的
Also known as: Ijuksa / This love I want to kill/ The Love of Death / Detestable Love / Knock Out by Love (KBS World)
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2005-Oct-31 to 2005-Dec-20


In A Love to Kill, Bi (Rain or Jeong Ji Hoon) plays a tough guy as the role of a K-1 Fighter, Kang Bok Gu. Bok Gu is a character who is dynamic in nature and grew up in a foster home. He falls in love with a woman whom he should not love. It was because of the woman; his emotionally-wounded brother fell off from the rooftop and became a human vegetable. So, his love is forbidden and inevitably tragic.

The woman is Cha Eun Seok (Shin Mina) who is a TV talent and movie actor. It was not that she jilted his brother on purpose, but upon a basis of misunderstanding, his hatred toward Cha Eun Seok grows more and more burning.

Then there's this one girl Han Da Jung (Kim Sarang) whom he owes a lot because she had hurt herself trying to save him once. She thinks herself as ugly because of the scar she got on her body which she got when saving him) No matter how hard he tries to love her, he can't.

By becoming Cha Eun Seok’s private bodyguard, Bok Gu keeps concretely practicing his revenge upon her. He only desires ‘to bring his brother’s woman to her knees.’ He is gradually taking Cha Eun Seok to destruction, while he feels his love toward her growing deeper and deeper in his heart.

As for Cha Eun Suk, she can't forget her first love, Kang Min Goo (Bok-ku’s older brother) (Kim Young Jae) although he tries to ignore her (because of the lies told by her mom about her doesn't wanna see him again, that he brings problems to her). Both Cha Eun Suk and Kang Ming Goo love each other but a misunderstanding forbids them from being together.

After meeting Kang Bok Gu, she falls in love again, and the memories of Kang Ming Goo start to fade away. This drives Bong Gu crazier because she makes it sounds like his brother is nothing to her.

The day Cha Eun Seok is about to be married with her fiancé, Kim Joon Sung (Lee Ki Woo), she runs away with Bong Gu. She gets sued by her super rich fiancé, loses her fans for being a bitch, just to end up being ditched by Bong Gu cruelly.

But then she finds out that Kang Ming Goo is alive so she keeps on visiting him at the hospital, talking to him and promising him that she would take a good care of him. Kang Bong Gu dislikes this, and he realizes that his idea of seeking revenge has leaded him to his own self destruction, and Eun Suk's heartbreak.

Bong Gu then moves his brother to other ward, so that Eun Suk couldn't find him. A year passes and Cha Eunsuk has stopped her carrier as a TV talent and ended up selling clothes. Her family opens a small business of karaoke center. She then meets Bong Gu again accidentally, and Bong Gu lies to her about his brother being dead. She cries.

But then she finds out that Kang Ming Goo is still alive, and he's getting better although he can't talk. She decides to take care of him, although Bong Gu is against the will. Bong Gu can't argue more when Ming Goo seems so happy with the decision. She then brings Ming Goo to a house and lives there with one of Bong Goo's friend who's asked to take a good care of Ming Goo by Bok Gu.

And then they all gathered again for Ming Goo's birthday and that is when Ming Goo finds out that Bok Gu and Eun Suk is in love with each other. They decide not to see each other for a reason other than Ming Goo (not knowing that Ming Goo knows about their love). Ming Goo then dies, asking Bok Gu to love Eun Suk for him. And he says he can't.

But then he meets her again when he visits his brother ash place? (idk what it's called lol) they depart but then Bok Gu runs after her, saying that for once he would like to feel free to love her, even though the world is against them, They get to know each other well and they spend some time like a real couple, but then he brings her back to the cruel reality and leaves her, with the excuse, she's his brother's woman. They promise each other that they would live well and they both do.

A year later, Cha Eun Suk is a famous actress again, getting close again with Kim Joon Sang although she is seeing a psychiatrist. Kang Bok Gu lives a nice life. But then Eun Suk suddenly disappears so Joon Sang seeks Bok Gu's help to find her, surprised that she is not with Bok Gu. Bok gu then finds her car at the place where they last met and starts searching for her in the cold dark winter night. He manages to find her lying unconscious on the snows, and unable to bring her back, he hugs her in the snow till morning. They have a little chat (not in the real world) about their lives and he confesses that she's the person that he loves the most after his brother while she mentions that she has been trying to live a happy life, but she can't without him.


Bi as Kang Bok Gu
Shin Min Ah as Cha Eun Seok
Kim Sa Rang as Han Da Jung
Lee Ki Woo as Kim Joon Sung
Kim Young Jae as Kang Min Goo (Bok-ku’s older brother)
- Joo Min Soo as young Min Goo
Na Yoon as Park Mi Sook (Bok-ku’s roommate)
Kang Rae Yun as Choi Mi Sun
Park In Hwan as Eun Suk’s dad
Yoo Hye Ri as Park Ja Kyung (Eun-suk’s step-mother)
Lee Min Hyuk as Cha Jae Suk (Eun-suk’s younger brother)
Kim Song Hee as Cha Yoo Na (Eun-suk’s younger sister)
Ji Sang Ryul as Tae Choon
Yoo Jae Keun as Sung Jin (Eun-suk’s road manager)
Im Ju Hwan
Lee Soon Jae
Choi Kwon
Lee Dong Ho
Park Soo Hyun
Kim Sung Hoon

Production Credits

Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Kim Kyu Tae
Script Writer: Lee Kyung Hee
Music: Choi Sung Kwon

My thoughts on this drama

This is such a pretty melodramatic drama with lots of misunderstandings and tears. I love tear-jerking dramas, so I love this one pretty much.
The few things that I really love about this drama are:
-Da Jung doesn’t easily give up on Bok Gu although she knows he doesn’t like her
-Bok Gu tries to love Da Jung (it doesn’t matter that he fails)
-Joon Sang is willing to forgive Eun Suk’s mistakes although he is hurt because he loves her
-Eun Suk doesn’t abandon Ming Goo when she finds that he is sick, and still stay with him although she gets a pretty bad treatment from everyone

Overall, it’s a nicely written drama, with lots of nicely directed moments.

Thank you for reading ^^ xoxo 

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