Monday, July 23, 2012

Synopsis: The Curse by Lee Su Ann

Azreen was informed of Madhuri’s death and had to fly back to Malaysia from London. Once there, nobody was willing to tell her what had actually happened to her sister but the rumor among the villagers, especially from the village gossip, Puan Normala, was that Madhuri had been murdered. Her blood had been white and this was a clear indication that the village had been cursed.

Azreen then found out from her confidante, the Old Lady who lived in the jungle, that Madhuri had been murdered. Meanwhile, her father, Saleh, continued with his distant, angry, and curt approach towards her. So Azreen’s only solace was her friendship with the Old Lady and Mohd. Asraf, a good friend from school. To make matters worse, strange things kept happening to Azreen and she felt certain that she saw someone who reminisced Madhuri lurking around her house.

A few days later, Mohd Asraf asked for the Old Lady’s help to cure his grandma. His grandma recovered but not long after that she died. Mohd Asraf and the villagers then accused the Old Lady of poisoning her. In an attempt to prevent Mohd Asraf from entering the Old Lady’s house, Azreen stabbed his foot with a spade causing Asraf to drop his torch, accidentally set her house on fire. The Old Lady was trapped inside and died.

Azreen lashed out at Asraf for acting in haste. Asraf was regretful and in his remorse, he blurted out that the people close to him - Nek and Madhuri – had left him. Asraf told her that he and Madhuri had been in love and Madhuri was about to ask her husband for a divorce. Azreen was devastated by the news. She met the village bomoh, Awang, who told her that Madhuri was adopted and that her birth mother was still alive. It was Madhuri’s mother that the villagers had mistaken as the ghost of Madhuri. 

Azreen returned to her house and saw the woman, who pointe accusingly at a pile of wood. Saleh came home and removed a parang from the pile of wood. Azreen saw that it was glistened with white sap. She connected it to the white blood seen on Madhuri and realized that her father had killed Madhuri. When Azreen ran away from him, Madhuri’s mother held the parang and approached Saleh. Saleh was terrified and suffered a fatal heart attack. Azreen then paid her last respect to her departed family and the Old Lady and return to London.

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