Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smile Smile Smile

Before I start presenting my thoughts, first I would like to thank you, yes you, for deciding to read this post. It means the world to me lol

Did you smile today? No?

You poor little soul, you should have done so!. Now smile, cause there's lots of great things you can get for free if you smile, such as
  • you will feel better, it releases endorphins in your body
  • people will like and love you
  • you will look better and cuter

still wondering why should you smile? well certainly it's because you CAN. plus it's not that hard to carve one n your face..

remember, a smile is a curve that can set lots of things straight 

p/s: in 2013, a year later, thanks to this lil article, I actually got the highest mark in my English class on an essay titled Smile! An effort that's smile-worthy don't you think so? :D (29/04/2016 - 0501)

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