Saturday, July 7, 2012

How To Tell That Someone Is Thinking About Committing A Suicide

Often our loved ones end up committing a suicide without us expecting it.. The most important part is detecting their plan.. Here's the most common changes of those who are thinking bout committing a suicide, pay FULL attention to them..
  1. The change of behavior. They suddenly become pretty quiet refuse to talk much. They love to be left alone and appear to be secretive.
  2. Mood swing. They tend to get mad over small matters and sometimes look anxious.
  3. They are often thinking bout death and talk about it even though not sounding serious.
  4. They get interested in suicidal cases.
  5. Writing a will or talking bout 'what if I die'
We must not dismiss this signs even though they don't seem to have any problem, even though they appear to be happy. And if you're experiencing this, you should look for something fun to do with your life.

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