Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smile Smile Smile

Before I start presenting my thoughts, first I would like to thank you, yes you, for deciding to read this post. It means the world to me lol

Profile: Shin Min Ah

Okay I'm a very very very huge fan of Shin Min Ah cause she's cute, adorable, lovely, sweet, beautiful, pretty, and awesome lol

Friday, July 27, 2012

Arang and The Magistrate

I have been extremely excited about this drama.. and it's mostly because I am such a very huge fan of Shin Min Ah lol

here's the main teaser


Title: Arang and the Magistrate
Revised romanization: Alangsattojeon
Hangul: 아랑사또전
Director: Kim Sang-Ho
Writer: Jung Yoon-Jung
Network: MBC
Episodes: to be announced
Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Historical
Release Date: August 15, 2012 --
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prosecutor Princess' Prince aka. Park Si Hoo

Here's a bit about the Drama, the drama that stars my beloved Park Si Hoo , Princess Prosecutor:

Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats


Drama: Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (literal title)
Revised romanization: Padam Padam ... Keuwa Keunyeoui Shimjangbakdongsori
Hangul: 빠담빠담…. 그와 그녀의 심장박동소리
Director: Kim Kyu-Tae
Writer: No Hee-Kyung
Network: jTBC
Episodes: 20
Release Date: December 5, 2011 - February 7, 2012
Runtime: Mon & Tue 20:45
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


A love story between Yang Kang-Cheol (Jung Woo-Sung) - an ex-prisoner who was incarcerated because of his friend's conspiracy - and a sensitive, yet guarded veterinarian, Jung Ji-Na (Han Ji-Min). They meet by chance and begin to fall in love with each other ...

Woo Sung as Kang Cheol

Kang-Cheol and Gook-Soo (Kim Beom) leave prison on a furlough. Kang-Cheol has been in prison for 16 years. They have only one month left until their release. They are both given cellphones to take with them. When the phone rings they have to immediately answer where they are and what time it is. Both men are extremely excited to be on the outside. They get on a crowded subway and are pushed by other passengers. Kang-Cheol ends up in front of a woman. The woman's name is Ji-Na (Han Ji-Min) and she asks Kang-Cheol to give her some more space. Kang-Cheol can't move, though. When Ji-Na gets off the subway train she kicks Kang-Cheol and flips him the bird as the train departs. After Kang-Cheol and Gook-Soo get off the train they board a public transit bus. Gook-Soo asks Kang-Cheol to come and stay at his dad's house. Kang-Cheol doesn't like the idea and wants to meet a friend that was released from prison. Kang-Cheol saved his friend's life twice while in prison.

Ji Min as Ji Na

Kang-Cheol got off the bus without Gook-Soo knowing. Kang-Cheol then goes to a motel and has a good time alone. He then goes out to meet his friend from prison. On his way he spots a woman who looks familiar. Kang-Cheol then realizes the woman is the lady from the subway who kicked him. She is arguing with another man on the street. The man is holding a small dog and Ji-Na is insisting that the dog doesn't belong to him. The man then bumps into Kang-Cheol who is waiting for a taxi cab. When Kang-Cheol yells at the man, Ji-Na suddenly grabs the dog and runs. Kang-Cheol then spots a man in black suit who seems to be following him. Kang-Cheol thinks back and remembers the guy. The man is someone who falsely accused of Kang-Cheol of beating him. Kang-Cheol runs after the guy in the black suit, but loses him. Instead, Kang-Cheol bumps into Ji-Na who is still hiding from the dog-napper. They hide until he goes away. Ji-Na leaves with the dog and Kang-Cheol goes to meet his friend at bar.

Kim Bum as Gook Soo

When Kang-Cheol arrives he overhears his friend from prison talk about Kang-Cheol in a disparaging manner. The man states that he doesn't even want to meet Kang-Cheol, but that he has no choice. Kang-Cheol becomes enrage and goes out to smash his friend's car. The man begs Kang-Cheol for forgiveness.

The next day, Kang-Cheol learns that his ex-girlfriend died. Kang-Cheol goes to a temple where her ashes lay. There, Kang-Cheol meets the friend of his ex-girlfriend. The woman tells Kang-Cheol that he has son. His ex-girlfriend gave birth to the boy and raised him by herself. Kang-Cheol doesn't believe her. Kang-Cheol had a relationship with her friend when he was 17-years-old and they had sex only one time. Nevertheless, the woman insists the boy is his son. The teenage boy stands not far from them and watches. The woman tells Kang-Cheol that he should take the boy. Kang-Cheol refuses and leaves. While Kang-Cheol is walking away the boy comes up to Kang-Cheol and spits on his face. Shortly later, while Kang-Cheol is crossing the street, he is hit by a car. The driver gets out of the car and the person turns out to be Ji-Na. Kang-Cheol is taken to the hospital while Ji-Na goes to the police station. When Kang-Cheol wakes up he decides to leave the hospital. Out on the street he receives a phone call, but it's not from prison. The phone call is from Kim Chan-Gul (Kim Jun-Seong). When they were in high school Kim Chan-Gul stabbed another boy, who just happens to have been Ji-Na's uncle. Kang-Cheol was framed by Kim Chan-Gul and went to prison for 10 years for the stabbing. When Kang-Cheol was released from prison for the stabbing, Kim Chan-Gul then got the guy in the black suite to accuse Kang-Cheol of assaulting him. Kim Chan-Gul is now a prosecutor and his father is about to be become a justice for the Supreme Court. Kim Chan-Gul warns Kang-Cheol over the phone to live a quiet life. The phone then suddenly stops working.

Meanwhile, Kang-Cheol's prison officer Kim becomes worried as Kang-Cheol did not answer his cellphone. His parole officer tried to call him while he was unconscious in the hospital. Prison officer Kim calls Gook-Soo looking for Kang-Cheol. The next day, when they are supposed to return to prison, Gook-Soo finds Kang-Cheol sleeping on a bench and they are both able to get back to prison in time.

Back in prison, a prisoner named Jin-Goo tries to provoke Kang-Cheol by attacking Kang-Cheol's friend. Gook-Soo tries to calm Kang-Cheol down. During excercise time though, Jin-Goo again attacks Kang-Cheol's friend. Kang-Cheol can't take it anymore and attacks Jin-Goo. Prison officer Kim runs toward them while yelling at them to stop. While trying to break up the fight, the prison officer is punched with a vicious left hook by Kang-Cheol. The next moment, prison officer Kim is laying on the ground, blood streaming from his skull onto the yard to form a disturbingly large pool of reddish mud. Prison officer Kim dies. Kang-Cheol is then sentenced to death by hanging. Right before he is to be hanged, Kang-Cheol thinks back to his past. He thinks of his mother who ignored his phone call and when he was hit by the car driven by Ji-Na. He isn't sure if he is already dead or not.

My Thoughts

Padam Padam is such a sweet drama and I actually liked it despite not over-the-top in love with the main characters.
In my opinion, if you liked 49 Days, you should try this one because it has got some serious similarities with 49 Days while still being original in its own way.

As for me, I'll root for my Kim Bum till the very end..
I only watched it for Kim Bum after all lol...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Synopsis: The Curse by Lee Su Ann

Azreen was informed of Madhuri’s death and had to fly back to Malaysia from London. Once there, nobody was willing to tell her what had actually happened to her sister but the rumor among the villagers, especially from the village gossip, Puan Normala, was that Madhuri had been murdered. Her blood had been white and this was a clear indication that the village had been cursed.

Azreen then found out from her confidante, the Old Lady who lived in the jungle, that Madhuri had been murdered. Meanwhile, her father, Saleh, continued with his distant, angry, and curt approach towards her. So Azreen’s only solace was her friendship with the Old Lady and Mohd. Asraf, a good friend from school. To make matters worse, strange things kept happening to Azreen and she felt certain that she saw someone who reminisced Madhuri lurking around her house.

A few days later, Mohd Asraf asked for the Old Lady’s help to cure his grandma. His grandma recovered but not long after that she died. Mohd Asraf and the villagers then accused the Old Lady of poisoning her. In an attempt to prevent Mohd Asraf from entering the Old Lady’s house, Azreen stabbed his foot with a spade causing Asraf to drop his torch, accidentally set her house on fire. The Old Lady was trapped inside and died.

Azreen lashed out at Asraf for acting in haste. Asraf was regretful and in his remorse, he blurted out that the people close to him - Nek and Madhuri – had left him. Asraf told her that he and Madhuri had been in love and Madhuri was about to ask her husband for a divorce. Azreen was devastated by the news. She met the village bomoh, Awang, who told her that Madhuri was adopted and that her birth mother was still alive. It was Madhuri’s mother that the villagers had mistaken as the ghost of Madhuri. 

Azreen returned to her house and saw the woman, who pointe accusingly at a pile of wood. Saleh came home and removed a parang from the pile of wood. Azreen saw that it was glistened with white sap. She connected it to the white blood seen on Madhuri and realized that her father had killed Madhuri. When Azreen ran away from him, Madhuri’s mother held the parang and approached Saleh. Saleh was terrified and suffered a fatal heart attack. Azreen then paid her last respect to her departed family and the Old Lady and return to London.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sang Kim Bum vs Park Si Hoo

Both of them are my favorite actors cause they're pretty cute lol


Saturday, July 7, 2012

How To Tell That Someone Is Thinking About Committing A Suicide

Often our loved ones end up committing a suicide without us expecting it.. The most important part is detecting their plan.. Here's the most common changes of those who are thinking bout committing a suicide, pay FULL attention to them..
  1. The change of behavior. They suddenly become pretty quiet refuse to talk much. They love to be left alone and appear to be secretive.
  2. Mood swing. They tend to get mad over small matters and sometimes look anxious.
  3. They are often thinking bout death and talk about it even though not sounding serious.
  4. They get interested in suicidal cases.
  5. Writing a will or talking bout 'what if I die'
We must not dismiss this signs even though they don't seem to have any problem, even though they appear to be happy. And if you're experiencing this, you should look for something fun to do with your life.

A Tale Of Two Sisters (South Korean Movie)

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

This is such a nicely written story bout teen suicide that I just read..
Jay Asher is such a talented writer and I love the way this story is written.
But I'm not that satisfied with this book cause the fact that those who causes Hannah Baker's death don't regret their action much except for Clay Jensen who's not much of a 'reason' to me because he was so nice to her.

Writing: 10/10
Story: 7/10

Read it though, it's nice. :)